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Unfortunally I fell behind on my cleaning because we were doing inventory at work and I was comming home from work exhausted.  I did manage to unfuck my stove and dishes on the 10th though.  My brother uses the stove more than I do and he never cleans it.  Drives me crazy, but I was determined to get it clean and with Bar Keeper’s Friend I finally did.


image image


image slighty blury

image Stuff in the sink was drying while I finished wiping off the counter.  Have some dishes stacked up since then, but nothing like it was here.  What I wouldn’t give for a dishwasher though!

Then today I had some time before work to clean up the area by my bed.  It is my catch all area and since I got a new bedside table I haven’t quite figured out where everything should live yet.  But I am slowly starting to get it down.


image image

And After:

image image 

With a bonus cat because they seem to be attracted to clean spaces.  

Now to get on with the rest of the house now.


I’ve been following the awesome Tumblr blog, Unfuck Your Habitat, for a loooong time. I even bought the app a while back but I hadn’t done anything about my room. I originally was putting off cleaning my room until my fall semester was over and then I just continued to put it off. My depression and anxiety didn’t help matters. It just kept feeling overwhelming. Well, today I started unfucking my room. I had my friend/roommate come into my room to keep my company while I cleaned and I started up the UfYR app which timed my 20/10’s (20 minutes cleaning and then a 10 minute break) and put in the first of the two movies we watched while I cleaned (We watched Howl’s Moving Castle and Tangled, in case anyone wants to know). I didn’t get nearly everything done but what I did get done makes it look a lot better and it makes me feel good too! 

Pictures after the cut:

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Apartment has been unfucked!

Did a few 45/15s (which turned into more 45/30s as I got distracted by Criminal Minds) but it’s done! Dishes washed, floordrobe dealt with, and flat surfaces cleaned off and dusted. I usually just use my desk/dining table/end tables as places to collect things I don’t feel like dealing with, but I undid all the piles, organized them into my necessary stuff and Daniel’s, threw away garbage, opened mail, dusted, and put things back. Possibly going to do laundry tonight to wash my hockey jerseys/socks and my bedding. So very pleased that I can spend the rest of the time before Daniel gets home relaxing :)


I was going to come here to bitch about how I hadn’t kept up with unfucking while I was sick, but instead I got off my ass and got to work. No before and afters, but I have one round of dishes done and did a sweep of the apartment for trash and recycling.

Can I get a “hell yeah”?

(How about a “Fuck, yeah!”)


So you know how, when you move, there’s sometimes places in your house where you just sort of toss things and it’s like “fuck it, it’s mostly ok”?  And then those places sort of accumulate stuff over time?

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It is January 20th and I have just now finished putting away the Christmas decorations. I also ran the air conditioner for the first time this year so Christmas is officially OVER. 

A couple of weeks ago I had hastily shoved ornaments and decorations in bins and/or in piles and then just shoved them aside until…today.  Here they are stashed around:

Hidden behind the office desk chair. Totally invisible right?


On the built-in:


By the front door:


I began by just opening all the bins so I could take everything out and reorganize:



Here are the Afters: Ready to go to the basement!



That garbage bag on top of the black bins is recycling. I had a lot of packing material to get rid of. I even had time to vacuum up tree needles and some broken glass from a christmas lightbulb that had fallen on the floor while reorganizing everything.

It feels so good to have it done! I hope I can inspire anyone else who still has holiday decorations to put away. 


Both daughters have basically moved out of the house for work and college. DD2 joked that we needed to turn her bedroom into a yoga room. Well, we don’t do yoga, but I do triathlons and marathons; my collection of athletic crap is all over the house. So i started moving it into the Yoga Room. i also promised DH that I wouldn’t keep my bike on its trainer in the living room again this winter; now I needed to make room for a bike. But there always seemed to be higher-priority chores, and I never got around to this one:


Yesterday, he said if I could find a used recumbent indoor bike, he’d start exercising too. And I quickly found a friend who wants to sell one. Time to put away the excuses and start unfucking the Invisible Room.

This morning, I did a couple of 45/15s to do the big things (dissemble the bed, put away running clothes, vacuum, rearrange things) then did a few 20/10s for the little things. I’m mostly done - the bed will move to the garage after we sell the unused elliptical machine, there are boxes to go to DD1 and to Goodwill, organizing the plastic bins of athletic debris started to get overwhelming so I’ll tackle those another day. I didn’t mess with DD2s things - she’ll need to do her own 20/10s the next time she’s home.

I’ll mount my bike in the trainer after I give it a good wipe-down this afternoon. And I’ll pick up the recumbent tomorrow. DH will hook up the TV and the exercising can commence!



Habit forming progress report: Wednesday Jan 16

  • Made my bed
  • Spent 10 minutes working out
  • Spent 20 minutes unfucking
  • Made headway on  getting better job and/or getting diploma

Today I made my bed, unfucked my hallway (pics below), and did some work on my arms and shoulders. 

This was definitely the worst day so far. I can’t put my finger on what happened but around 11am I was out of fucks to give. I had a stress relapse, my head felt like it was wrapped in cotton, and I had to force myself to eat. I was even fairly unproductive at work and for some reason I couldn’t even motivate myself to do much more than lie on the floor when I got home. 

Finally I managed to clean some shit and do some pushups and planks so I could at least say I did the easy stuff. I think I’m going to do something girly tonight. Like watch a depressing movie so I have an excuse to cry. 

But anyways pictures! (Those help)


Hall before (Angle 1)


Hall before (angle 2)


Hall after!


A few months ago I invested a couple hundred dollars on a new pair of Danskos to wear to work. I love them so much, that they are on my feet constantly. I finally got grossed out by the thick layer of wayward bloody mary mix, hollandaise sauce and champagne (brunch bar tender) coating the damn things, so this morning I took the laces out and gave them a good cleaning.

Here’s a before picture of the shoes:


And the laces:


I soaked the laces in vinegar and baking soda for the time it took to clean and polish the shoes with leather polish. Maybe five minutes? Then I wrapped them in paper towels for a little while.


So shiny. It feels like I got a new pair of shoes. But I didn’t have to spend any money or put on pants. Wooo!

OMG the Graboid!


I have CFS/ME. There are days and even weeks I can’t even get out of bed. When I do have some energy and don’t feel like roadkill I’m tempted to Clean All the Things and marathon myself right back into a collapse. And sometimes I feel bad but can do just a little bit before I have to sit the hell back down because dizzy.

So I literally turned the concept of 20/10’s on its head. I do 10/20’s. I’ll do work that actually requires me to get up and move around for just ten minutes, then I’ll sit down and read or play a game or do more sedentary things for twenty. Then I’ll see how I feel. If I’m up for another 10/20, great. If not, fine at least it looks a bit better and I can collapse without feeling like I’m a total waste of oxygen.

Today I feel decent, so I tackled my work area. It took two 10/20’s of slow but steady unfucking interspersed with writing on a short story.


There are horizontal surfaces here somewhere…


Oh! There they are!

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I have to say Thank You to UFYH. 

I seriously thought I was the only one who’s house looks like this. In my head, everyone else in the world had a beautiful spotless house, or a horders trash heap. I thought I was the only one who had dirty dishes, an unvacuumed rug, and laundry on the floor (dirty and clean usually). Add a husband who is as lazy as I am, and a toddler who doesn’t give a damn if you just cleaned that surface, and well, you know the rest. 

Then I found your blog. And now, I realize I am not alone. Not alone in my mess, or my depression. 

And realized I had no excuses. And found the inspiration/motivation I needed to clean the house for when the mother-in-law stayed over the holidays. And I have to say, once the whole thing is clean, you don’t want it to get dirty again. I still have closets that are over stuffed, and am falling behind on dishes again, but I don’t feel so overwhelmed anymore. 

I of course didn’t take any before/after pictures, as I was to frantic and worried about the house being cleaned on time to do so. 

But I just wanted to leave a note, and say Thank You. 


The result of a single 20/10. Feels awesome.

(Don’t worry, I didn’t get rid of the cat. She just got pissed and hid when I got rid of the bed she’d made out of a pile of clothes.)


Last weekend I decided to clean out my hall closet, partly because there was basically no storage space left in there and partly because I am missing a corset I made a couple of years ago and thought it might be hiding in there somewhere. It’s a narrow closet in a narrow hallway (it’s actually supposed to be a laundry closet, and it just fits a washer and dryer!), and because of the sheer amount of junk in there (like an invisible corner except an entire closet!), I decided to take everything out, make a decision to keep or discard it, and then put what really belonged in there back in a more orderly fashion!

I’ve used the UFYH app for the 20/10 timer constantly (and actually photographed my process quite a few times but never posted), and I used it again here. I wasn’t really keeping track of how many 20/10s it actually took, especially as I took a few longer breaks to get away from the dust. Probably about 12? That of course counts all the time I took assessing the contents of the closet!

The narrowness of the hallway does not lend itself well to photos so I had to resort to iPhone panoramas.

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My entire bedroom was a mess, but just yesterday I tackled the last part, almost the most intimidating.



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