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Repotting day for the ficus, aloe, and avocados! When the biggest plant gets a new pot, a smaller one takes that pot, and so on. I like to imagine them like hermit crabs just waiting for an empty shell.


Tackle it Thursday.

Still have a load of laundry to fold and put away.
I cleaned and organized just about everything in my room.
And it only took me about an hour!


Before and afters of my apartment kitchen! (There are dishes you t see in the first picture. That’s how much it piled up.) My roommates and I are terrible about doing the dishes promptly, since we all have the habit of eating right before we run to class our work. So today, I had some free time and I took care of business! I actually like doing dishes. I put on some upbeat music and just go at it. When you’re doing mental things all day- writing papers, taking notes, doing data entry- having physical work can be a nice change of pace. It’s satisfying to take dirty things and make them clean! Kitchen status: unfucked :)


Here are some progress photos of my work cleaning. It took three 20/10s to get this far. New roommates so we have had to shuffle a lot of or possessions around.

Laundry done, and that chest of drawers was empty, and now it is storing all of my art supplies. 


Posting from my phone so sorry for the huge picture post! I decided to actually spend time cleaning today instead of tumblr for like 6 hours. XD I did 3 20/10s and one 30 to finish up lol. My real problem is maintaining so we’ll see how it looks in a few days…


Bedroom before and afters… It took about three hours.

(Ignore the clothes in the hall, those are on their way downstairs.)

Now if I can just KEEP it like this.


My room is super small so it gets messy really fast. I need to start staying on top if it so I don’t have to keep dong these big cleanups all the time….


Cleared off the dining room table with the goal of actually using it for eating, playing games, and staging mail, recycling, etc. instead of having everything end up on the coffee table. The tablecloth is in the wash, but will go back on the table when it comes out of the dryer. Lost track of 20/10s again, but I’m in the zone. Next up: kitchen (after a break to avoid marathoning)


Top 3 are before, rest are after. My room had gotten into a bit of a state over the past few weeks - work, school, and then traveling for my grandfather’s funeral. Apologies for the blur, my phone hates my bedroom lighting at night.


It doesn’t look like much, but I just cleaned at least three weeks worth of dirty dishes in two 45-15s. It had gotten bad enough that the mold probably would have evolved democratic systems of governancehad they not been overthrown by the fruit fly overlords. It was a situation that I had been expertly avoiding for at least a week. Until tonight.

How did this happen? Depression. Apparently, I only have the energy to either make myself dinner, or do dishes. Not both. This bad stretch was preceded by two weeks of me being very good and doing my dishes, until I slip-slided into….this. Before that was the nearly 6 weeks I went without washing a single dish. That was…well you might even know how bad that was. I ran out of utensils. It was a thing.

So, here’s to trying again. Because even if you fall back into the hole, you can dig yourself out and start again. And any progress is progress enough.


An ironic fact about me:  As much as I love cleaning and organizing and storage and even all those stupid youtube channels dedicated to it, my room has looked like this for years.  I said whatever and finally unfucked the everloving fuck out of my room.  It took me like 5 days but truthfully its because I was being a lazy piece of shit.  I’ve always had a mad filthy room and I’ve probably cleaned it under 15 times my whole life.

Don’t make fun of my lopsided dresser pulls, it was a hand me down ;(


I kid you not this table is the bane of my existence….but it only tpok me 10 minutes to clean off! Now maybe we can eat at it like real grownups!


I am a disabled veteran, was diagnosed with depression at age 5, and am currently PMSy, which makes my chronic hip and back pain worse. I can generally stand up, but not for very long.

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been really down and very behind on housework.

Here is how I do things that need to be done, with depression and chronic pain.

Step 1:  Decide, “Today, I WILL do a thing.” and choose a thing to do.


Ew. I hate doing dishes and tend to put them off. Especially pots and pans.

Step 2:  Ask myself, “CAN I do this right now?”. Yeah, I feel ok. My hips are a little sore, but my back isn’t bothering me at the moment. I think I can stand up long enough to get this done. There isn’t much there, and the dish drainer isn’t full, so I don’t need to empty it before I get started.

Step 3:  Get started.
Since I’m doing dishes, I gather every, single dirty dish from around the house and bring it to the sink. I also empty and clean the large side of the sink. I keep a trash can nearby so I can easily throw out paper towels, tea bags, straws, etc. that get put in there.


Step 3.1: Still getting started.

A lot of people like to put all of the dirty dishes into the sink and fill it with water. I don’t. I put a little bit of soapy water, maybe one or two inches deep.


And I wash one dish at a time, rinsing it back into the soapy water.


This saves water and fills the sink a little at a time. I never use more water than I actually need to. I also do this so that, when I am working, I’m not staring down at a daunting pile of filthy dishes. I see one dish, which I can totally do.

I also do not like to use a dish cloth. When it gets greasy or gets lumps of food, it’s disgusting. I prefer a baby bottle brush, because I only have to touch the handle. I am eliminating triggers and excuses.

I use paper towels on the teflon pans. I know they’re wasteful, but they work better for me than a rag that then gets thrown into a basket to be cleaned, maybe two or three weeks from now?

Step 4: Try not to focus on the pile. It’s shrinking, trust me.


At this point, my hips started to ache. It had been maybe 7 or 8 minutes, I really can’t stay on my feet very long. But I can’t take breaks, either. Once I sit down, I generally don’t have the energy to get up again other than to use the restroom. So!

Step5:  Soak the big, nasty stuff last.


This non-stick skillet was really crusty and gross. It needed a little soak to break up the dry food. By now, there is plenty of water in the sink, too. This is a really good place to take a break, but set a timer so you don’t forget or give up.

Since I can’t take a break, I took this time to clean and scrub the countertop where the dirty dishes have been piling up, and to scrub the grime and gross from around and behind the sink.

My mother has a nasty habit of taking the dirty dishcloth and wiping it all over the countertops. It drives me nuts. Don’t do that at my house.

Now, at around the 12 minute mark, my hips are sending warning signals. Almost done, but…

Step 6: Not yet.

After the last dish is cleaned and laid out to dry, I clean the sink. The whole thing. Both sides, the faucet, the splash guard. Don’t let any food bits stay in the sink.


Ok! Now I’m done. That steel water bottle needs washed, too, but I am DONE. I can’t stand up anymore, hell, I can barely sit up straight after that.

So, why didn’t I just empty the dishwasher and refill it? That would be faster, yes. It would also require a lot of bending over, and reaching up to put the dishes away. My body isn’t that cooperative, so I leave it for Husband to do when he gets home. This is also why I don’t dry the dishes. He won’t be home to put them away for another 6 hours or so, why hurt myself more than I need to?

This is so great. Work within your limits, listen to your body, do what you can, and don’t beat yourself up over things like not using the dishwasher. Excellent job.


Top 3 = before Bottom 3 = after 90 minutes work

My room was in chaos and I’m leaving for uni in 4 days. Didn’t want to leave it in a horrible state so I absolutely blitzed it as fast as I could. Tidied, folded all clothes, organised wardrobe, dusted and hoovered, in under 2 hours. A little work and I now have a beautiful unfucked bedroom. :)


Unfucked my coffee table.