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I keep forgetting to take before pictures, but at least I remembered halfway through on this one. This is one of the corner cabinets I inquired about on Unfuck Your Habitat, the most accessible of the two. Here it is (half) full of appliances like my bread machine and the Rocket Grill (::hearts::), blender, etc. Stuff I use but not that often. Oh, and a 5 lbs. bag of grits that I have never used even though I like grits — they are about 7 years old, I believe.

I replaced it with stuff I use more often. Plastic containers on the top (though I do need to make sure all the bowls and tops have mates, and suspect I’ll be tossing some out. The bottom shelf has some mixing bowls and Pyrex baking pans. 

The other cabinet has tons of space that you can’t get to unless you’re Reed Richards. Which I am not. That’s where I had put all the plastic containers (bottom shelf) and above it were all my pans and baking things. REAL handy. So this weekend I pulled everything out and put it back so it made sense. Or put most of it back. The kitchen’s still kind of a wreck. Some things are getting tossed, some things are going to the indoor flea market booth I have, some may find a home in some other spot. So when I rearranged things here, I put in the appliances (including a couple I haven’t yet used), shoved two cast iron pans that need to be reseasoned in a back corner, and put some cutting boards there. It could be said that some space is wasted, but at least I can get to everything with a minimum of shuffling, so I will take a bit of open space in trade for that.

The pans now live in a lower cabinet right next to the stove, which had held the mixing bowls and cutting boards in a big mess. I just used one I hadn’t used in years, because I couldn’t find it in the corner cabinet.

So inspiring that I’ve started in on one of the upper cabinets, currently being converted to the coffee/tea station. 

Kitchen still vastly fucked, but I’m very happy with this hidden progress. It will make the rest possible. 


Can I get a cheer from the audience?


i bought a new vacuum today. my cheap 30 buck dirt devil couldn’t stand up to the task of vacuuming six cats’ worth of hair in a two story house twice a week [is it any wonder?]. it bit the dust in september and yeah, i’ve just gotten around to replacing it now [i didn’t have the money, okay?]. well, the attachments still worked, just not the main part of the vacuum, so i did vacuum once in a while with the hose attachment, bent over and hurting my back… but, probably needless to say, that didn’t happen much. the last “good” cleaning the carpets got was before halloween.

anyway, enough was enough. since i got paid for a big job yesterday, i went out and actually spent a decent sum of money on a vacuum, after months of research.


hello, beautiful. [i am not talking about the carpets.] bagless [definitely a plus for me, as i forget to empty it if i can’t see that it’s full], a hepa filter to benefit my mildly-allergic-to-cats friends, and five height adjustments, so i don’t have to struggle to push it over the plush carpeting in the living room and foyer!

four canisters of cat hair and an hour later, my carpets went from this


to this!


my carpets are CLEAN. i’m fairly certain they’re cleaner than they’ve been in, oh, 5 years at least. the wonders of a new vacuum!

i can’t do much about the 40 year old stains in the carpets, and replacing the carpets is on the list of things to do relatively soon, but at least they’re decent now. i can walk around barefoot again without feeling absolutely gross!

now i’m ready for the next project: unfucking the clutter of the dining room table!


it’s honestly not as bad as it looks. 20 minutes, tops.

There’s something about a new vacuum…

No, seriously. I’ve composed epic poetry about my Dyson.


So, I have been running an experiment on my roommate (Which mind you, he failed miserably. >.>) to see if he would clean the apartment without me asking. For roughly a month, I have sat back and watched him do his clothes, maybe two loads of towels, and 5 loads of dishes… In short, it was a disaster. Spoiled milk left in the fridge, trash overflowing in the pantry, and worst of all, the toilet in the bathroom. It had been so long since it had been cleaned, there was a thick black ring around the top of the water. Yuck. I didn’t take any before pictures because I was so disgusted with the way it looked, and I did not want to share that with anyone else. Believe me, it was a roach’s paradise waiting to happen.

Last night, I had decided that I had had enough. I was tired of this experiment giving me nothing but failure and a slight resentment towards my roommate. I didn’t go to bed last night (running on adrenaline and 5 cups of coffee on 36 hours of no sleep. Yay!) I cleaned the whole house.

I shall place a read more now for all of the glorious pictures. ^-^ There are a lot.

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Thanks to Fernando being off work Friday, having that sickness Saturday, using Sunday as a recovery day, and Fernando being off Monday, I really slacked in keeping the living room clean. Though, I was kinda hoping that having it clean would inspire my husband to keep it clean… that didn’t work out.

So I reunfucked it, the floor is vacuumed, there are only a few ornaments to put back on the tree because of satan the kitten, and I found a small box for Sly to keep his trucks in while they are out of his main toy box.

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Crappy quality because it was taken on my phone.

So I completed a challenge that my therapist gave me for today: clean off at least one surface.

This is to help handle my anxiety and to get my house back in shape.

One of my son’s counselors for his intervention program told me that it concerned her that my house was in this shape, namely for the mice that are slowly taking over our house. I expressed this concern to MY therapist and she’s helping me take control of it by setting goals based around Unfuck Your Habitat’s challenges (I told her about it). Tomorrow’s goal is to clean off another surface that is twice as big and Friday’s goal is to tackle the floors. We are focusing on one item/problem at a time and this week is trash. Since this was a small space to for me to clean, I did the whole job throwing out things that I didn’t need/junk, cleaned off any food crumbs, and wiped it down.

Oh, and if your sponge smells disgusting from sitting in water/stagnated while drying, just pour some vinegar straight on it. It kills most of the smell. Seriously.

Since underneath is part of the floor, I decided that I shouldn’t stress myself out too bad and wait for it to come around because I know back behind the desk is a “hidden corner” and will make my anxiety rise.

Remember, procrastination isn’t usually laziness. It’s a reaction and escape from anxiety. So be brave and get to work! (Taken from this photo)

One step at a time…


Today at work I caved and scrubbed the kitchen worktop…yes, really. People made their lunches on that.

This would never have been possible, had it not for the fact that I discovered a brand new, never used (looking at that counter, are you surprised?) MAGIC ERASER. Damnit, I need a sparkly gif for that. To properly convey the awesomeness. 

I work at a gallery/bespoke furniture maker’s workshop, and this kitchen is used by mostly guys. Mostly dusty, sawdust-covered, grease-stained guys. And before that, it was a builder’s yard. Needless to say, none of ‘em are big on cleaning up after themselves. In fact, this is pretty much how they clean plates/cutlery: 

Today I finally decided I’d had Enough. After looking around, having no idea where to start, and doing this for a while:

I started cleaning. I didn’t tackle the floor, *shudder* but the list of things I DID includes:

wash all the dishes,

clean the microwave and toaster,

clean the breadbin,

throw out the mouldy cordial (HOW DO YOU MAKE JUICE GO MOULDY. FOR REALS.)

rearrange the tea/coffee/sugar/kettle so I don’t have to reach past the fruit tea no one drinks, and the Lemsip no one’s using now my cold’s finally buggered off, to reach your bog-standard tea and coffee and sugar.

rearrange the sandwich-making area, so the jams and peanut butter are on top of the bread bin, and next to the cutlery.

clean the sink

sort the recycling

and as you can see above, I magic erasered the fuck out of that worktop. This was pretty much me, when my boss came down to see where the hell I’d vanished to, when I’d said I was just going to wash a couple of mugs:

Annnd this would be me now.

(Why yes, I do find comparing myself to Stitch motivational, what business is it of yours? :P) 

So now I have pjs, warm clean bed, and a nice toasty glow of satisfaction at a job well done. 

Next….the bathroom. *WAIL*


I finally tackled a big chunk of the kitchen today! Not only did I actually manage to do a whole 20/10 (a month ago, a 20 minute stint was beyond me physically), but I kept going afterwards, because I close to photo-ready and wanted to post this. :)

So tonight after work I:

  • Did a massive drain volcano on the kitchen sink, both sides. It did my heart good to hear that shit bubbling away down there.
  • Scrubbed out both sinks
  • Got rid of all the trash
  • Scrubbed all the countertops
  • Finally cleaned the stove!

I’d been working on the last of the dishes all day today between working, so the only dirty dishes I have right now (well, aside any that might be lurking in the nastier parts of the house) are in the dishwasher.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Barkeepers Friend is MAGIC. It got shit clean I didn’t even know was dirty, and my stainless steel sinks have never looked cleaner. It also managed to clean out a bunch of burnt on stuff in my favorite stainless skillet—and I thought that was ruined for good.
  • Magic erasers, likewise. But I already knew that. I just didn’t realize there were so many many uses for them.
  • I am capable of this: I’ve had my bed made nearly every day for a week, and I’m slowly making progress all over the house.

So, without further adieu, what you’re really interested in, the before and afters!

Left side of the kitchen, before:

And after:

Right side of the kitchen, before:

Annnnnd, after:


Ugh, it has been so hard for me to find the spoons to do any cleaning. 

I would just like to thank Unfuck Your Habitat for introducing me to the idea of 20/10s and 45/15s. When I get tired, or dizzy, it’s already break time! :D 

My bedroom is full of junk and gets out of hand so quickly… 

I don’t know if tomorrow is bathroom day, or if I’m going to do all the little things I missed in my bedroom, or if I’m going to sort my paperwork & such. But I’m going to do one or more of those, and I’m going to listen to an audiobook (Small Favor or Catching Fire). Thus, twice the unfucking! 

Audiobooks are great for unfucking!


I finished my room a couple of days ago but haven’t really found the time to take photos and post them until now. 

Remember what it used to look like?

After basically a week of 30 minutes of cleaning every night: 

^this is how I make my bed. I know it looks kinda funky but hey, it works for me and it still looks neat/presentable.

…Next up! The living room. Probably in another week. >.> Everything in the house is coated with a thick layer of dust so I have to wipe and clean every little item—even the books!—and kill silverfish as they appear. 

It’s such a slow process since I’m simply not at home long enough to do several sets of 20/10s or 45/15s, but thanks to all the inspiring posts Team UFYH makes, I don’t feel as hopeless I did before. And thank you to the anon who sent me a message asking if I had given up, I needed that extra kick in the pants. :)

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Finally got something done. I split my iTunes upbeaat songs into a bunch of UfYH playlists (45 to be exact) spanning from 20 minute lengths to about 50 minutes. Idea? Music stops=time for a break.

Music stopped, I started next playlist and kept going. Went for about an hour straight at first, then took about a half hour break before doing another hour and a bit. 

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Nothing quite inspires me to tidy up like a bouquet of fresh flowers.


So here are the before and after shots. I was kinda surprised how quickly it got done. Or well, it seemed to go quickly because of the intervals of 20/10s. It took like 2 1/2 of those to get this done. Not bad. I feel like there’s an actual window by the desk now that towers of books and papers aren’t blocking the view/light lol Oh and the paper bag with postcards and stuff will be gone in like five minutes, just need to upload some to Postcrossing

I love your desk!


TL;DR version: 

I started reading the Unfuck Your Habitat blog the other day, and as it combines two things this blog is about (nesting and animated gifs), of course I became an immediate fan.

So, in the middle of my Saturday pitcher of mimosa , I decided that unfucking the front entryway was the project of the day.

It looked like this:

(Please note the horribleness of the ground in dirt and the torn up, badly pieced together bits)

And we already had some Flor carpet tiles ready to replace that horrible, disgusting, manky old jute carpet. I figured a few 20/10s and I’d be done. 


HORRIBLE STUCK ON CARPET FOAM BACKING. Frantic, I ran to the internet and learned how to remove that horrible foam backing! SAVE ME INTERNET! Oh, all I have to do is get down with some rubber gloves and acetone and SCRAPE THAT STUFF UP?

Three 20/10s later, I had a smooth enough floor to work with (I didn’t dissolve the remaining glue, as we’re just doing floating carpet over it). Then: the measuring. Oh the measuring.

Three MORE 20/10s later, though, I defeated the carpet monster and have this:

AND, since I have gel polish, I didn’t even scuff the manicure. 

(srsly, though, if I hadn’t been splitting this into 20/10s, I probably would have given up after seeing the carpet backing stuck to the floor. true story.)