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Tracking this week’s Unfuck Your Habitat challenge - get rid of 10 things each day!

I had a busy day yesterday (out late seeing Snowpiercer), and didn’t get to get rid of 10 things. But since I did 15 the day before, I decided to do 15 today as well and it evens out. 

Inflatable sleeping pad that has leaked for at least 3 years, I can’t find the leak, and I’m pretty confident I never will, two little junk things from the craft room, rosemary wreath that I used up for cooking, two pieces of cardboard recycling, a computer mouse I don’t need, plastic pineapple drinking glass (sentimental, but I have other things for that event), three work shirts that are a little too gross to even be work shirts, a decorated pot that held party favors, our old mattress and frame! yaaaaay… and… ok. The really really gross paper bag.

So if it wasn’t for this challenge, I wouldn’t have found this lurking in the back hallway closet. For some reason I thought it would be a good place to store it, cool and dry. Also completely out of sight and mind. It was a bag of onions and garlic from the farm, at least 8 months old. DDDDD:


I did a little tidying before I took this photo:
This is after one 20/10:
This is a couple days later after another 20/10:

I’m slowly, but surely, turning my table back into a surface that can be used. My biggest problem is that I don’t know where to put all of my med school notes, so they’ve just been cluttering up the table. I’ve been patiently putting them into binders by subject and will need to find a place to store those binders, but it’s left the table in a much happier state. Maybe I’ll be able to do schoolwork at it soon! Or even eat a meal at it!

And until then, this sign will be put on my computer every night before bed. No internetting until I do at least one 20/10!


The kitchen is done!

It only took me all day and a bloody knuckle, but it is clean. It looks like it was a lot easier than it really was, since I had to mop and scrub the floor, too, which was super disgusting.

Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the crevices between stoves and counters? I’m too afraid to move the stove and my hand doesn’t even fit in the space, it was hard enough getting the broom in there.


Did a miniature unfucking of my bedroom today. I was so depressed that I didn’t feel like cleaning and my room was getting so dirty that it made me even more depressed. I feel much better now.


I moved into this apartment about two months ago and I was surprised how much I managed to mess up the closet in that time.  But it looks better now.


I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks unfucking things around the house. I got back not too long ago from studying abroad, and have decided to move back in at home. Unfortunately, three years of not living somewhere and “just dropping this off really fast” add up pretty quickly…

I spent the first set of 20/10s cleaning the upstairs bedroom until my family decided to move the furniture when I was gone, essentially undoing all my work. It was frustrating, but I eventually worked past it and finished with the final product seen above! 

Now on to the basement….


This was a gigantic undertaking. It took two days and a myriad of panic attacks over spiders to go through every single drawer, the closet, all my clothes, and organize them. Everything has a place. This is the cleanest it’s been in a LONG time. ITS AWESOME!


So my room has been as messy and cluttered as pictured since probably august of last year before I left for school. Whenever I was home I didn’t have the time or energy to really dig in and get it clean. Countless times I’d get about 60% of it done before losing motivation and letting it build back up again. I’ve been following unfuckyourhabitat for a couple months now hoping the success stories would inspire me to do what needed to be done. Today I had a full day off for the first time since I came home this summer and woke up knowing I couldn’t live like this anymore. My attempt turned into a full blown annihilation of any mess that displeased me and I couldn’t be more happy. I swept, folded and hung up my clothes, got rid of my clunky headboard, and even put up some new wall art! I wasn’t intending to write such a big paragraph but I am honestly just super proud of myself. Thanks ufyh for encouraging me to do so!


Office Unfucking Again, Part Two! the desk areas….

Five 20/10s over two days. A lot of the time was spent actually finding places for the things on the desk to go, instead of being shuffled into another pile.

I made earrings during my breaks!


Since I graduated I’ve been trying to get a handle on some things I let slide while I was busy with grad school. Project one: my desk. It had become a catch-all for papers, notebooks, cards, pictures, etc. that I wanted to keep but didn’t have a place for at that moment. It got so out of hand there was stuff in those piles from 2012. Oops.

It took two days, but I got all the papers filed away or recycled, completely reorganized all the drawers, and either put away, threw away, or recycled everything else, then dusted and cleaned everything that was staying. I also reorganized the printer table next to the desk so all the printer supplies fit with the printer instead of on the desk. I can actually use the desk and the chair now!

Next project: the closet. Stay tuned….


I officially jumped on the Unfuck Your Habitat bandwagon and I am not sad about it one bit. I’d drink the kool-aid.

This morning I did two 20/10’s before work. I’m pretty confident about it!

The first was in the kitchen, forgot the before, but there were dishes, clutter, trash that had to go out and recycling as well.

My kitchen is way too colorful… point being, dishes were washed, counter was cleared, the trash was taken out and the recycling, I even gathered the trash from everywhere in the house and took that out, and items were put back where they belong - such as Ketchup, and peanut butter… why are they always sitting out!? 

My twenty minutes was up so I drank my coffee and played with the dogs before tackling the next job! :D

The bedroom. I’m a mess. And because of my poly lifestyle, I spend 50% of my time at my house with the husband, and 50% of my time at my other house with the boyfriend. So I live out of bags a lot, travel bags, makeup bags, jewelry bags, I’ve got a bag for everything. So my bedroom gets neglected a lot. I let things pile, I don’t put things away, I just generally ignore it. And I’m ashamed. Extremely ashamed. Especially when people come over. I try to close the door, but who am I kidding?


I don’t even know. Also, I have dogs if you can’t tell by that epic pink pig. That’s Julep’s FAVORITE toy. It goes everywhere. Anyway, I’m a mess. This is a mess. There’s nail polish, jewelry, hair things, clothing, unnecessary items just strewn about, a bag of clothes to be donated, a shake weight that was a great buy (sarcasm), shoes everywhere…. So I tackled it.


Clearly I did not get EVERYTHING done, but as it was this morning before work… I limited myself to one 20/10 in the bedroom. I got most everything from my dresser put where it should be and that was clearly a challenge. I have so many hair ties now! And bobby pins. And all the nail polish is where it belongs! It’s getting there. My closet is pretty bad, I organized my shoes a bit but that was about it. I did tackle my nightstand and I did not take a before picture… whoops. It holds my pj’s and they were all over the floor, I was literally walking on my clothing. And the top of the nightstand had things that belonged in the medicine cabinet, my dresser, the kitchen,… Oy.


And I’ve been successfully making my bed for the past few days consistently, a few weeks not so consistently but forming a habit is hard!

It’s definitely a work in progress. It’s tiring! But I like this outlook especially balancing two different houses, I always let things get out of control. I don’t have as much control/freedom at the boyfriend’s house because it is HIS house and I’m not really sure where his things go, but this house I pretty much control everything, so hopefully I’ll get this one 100% unfucked, and the other one I’m aiming for 95% unfucked! 

Oh and here’s Julep… Just in case you needed proof, she’s the tri-color cavalier, Evee is her big sister on the right the Blenheim cavalier. They make me smile, lots.



This is what I’ve been doing today, with help from my roommate. The inside of the desk still needs cleaning and organizing and the rest of the house of course, but this is wonderful progress and enough for today. (besides, my outside trashcan is full). The kitchen only took one 20/10 with her doing the dishes and me the rest.

And the before on the desk doesn’t include the two grocery bags of old mail I went through yesterday.

I just started an anti-depressent a couple weeks ago and it’s making a huge difference. I don’t feel so overwhelmed by everything. And look what I did today!


Before and After - Part Two!


Surfaces have been a big issue for me historically, especially stairs. So this week’s challenge was a good kick to stop them getting out of control.
I ended up doing them in 2 sessions (45-15’s with digital tidying in the break) rather than one a day and included a lot of cleaning and sorting that don’t show (like inside some of the draws) Also ordered some more storage for my makeup collection - it’s a little out of control but it’s a hobby.

I found you recently and love Ufyh, this year had some major unf*cking in the house, I just wish I had the photos to share. Still two rooms to sort…. But I’m getting there.

(and sorry if the post is weird, never used tumblr before)


Before and after!

And I dusted and vacuumed :x