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Much needed unfucking.

I even made it look like an infomercial.


hella unfucked


Unfucked a large chunk of my room today. This is four 20/10s (ok, really 20/20s, it was that kind of a day). Feels good.


Here we go again! I’ve been focusing on other parts of my apartment for a little while, but I got the motivation to work on the table again today. I’m so glad I got some new bookcases this summer! There were places to put things so they didn’t just get stacked somewhere else!


After one 20/10:

After another 10 minutes:

After another, another 10 minutes:

#a clean surface gathers cats


My seasonal job is over and it’s back to being unemployed for the time being. I’m pursuing a couple of options and hopefully one will pan out. In the meantime, I’m embracing the chance to unfuck my habitat a bit. A hectic schedule, long commute, outdoor work, and a two month houseguest left my habitat completely fucked. Yesterday I took pictures and did about 5 20/10s to get some of the apartment under control. Today I’m going to use the after pictures as my before and chip away at it a little more. Progress in the pictures looks incremental, but they don’t show some of the details. I scrubbed the dish rack and sorted at least one of my invisible piles, both of which were small things that made me feel much better about the state of my habitat.


Kids are back to school this week. It’s been mad chaos. Mad. Fucking. Chaos.
I start work a little later Friday mornings and decided to use the time to unfuck my living room. It only took 1 20/10 and some change. Most of the laundry I folded last night, which helped a ton.
It feels so quiet!


so you know how people have a corner they throw things into and ignore?

yeahhhh, i had a room

not shabby for one morning of kicking ass! go me!


You can’t see from the angle but the shelving unit in the top picture has collapsed and is resting against my bed. I bought a storage unit form Ikea and used it organise all my stuff like my record collection, CDs, wires and paper work and other tat. I put the Hifi on the new unit so I could get my play station off the floor Then I fixed the shelves and organised my books and CDs. Now, for the first time in for ever I know where everything is. pics 1,2 & 3 Before. Pics 4 & 5 after.


before: image




After: image





So I cleaned out the trash, vacuumed, wiped down the desk, organized the desk a bit better (and I don’t have a mouse pad so I have a folded up newspaper), and the second after image mostly has stuff on the desk cause it’s not MINE and I can’t move it so I just made it neater, also the towel with the leashes on it is my dog’s stuff so that’s left there for him for lack of a better place to put it. also yeah I have the counters kind of full of art stuff- not to mention my bookcase- but I don’t have anywhere else to put it, really, so

i still need to move all the furniture and vacuum under it but i don’t the the strength to move this stuff on my own.

also, not seen: I cleaned under the computer desk and vacuumed up some cobwebs on a part of the wall. 


Desk, before and after. Two 20/20s down, two or three to go!


Before: image 



The thing in the lower right corner of the after picture if one of my baby brother’s sticks. He keeps them between the wall and the desk you can kind of see there. We let him cause he uses them to kill spiders.

this area still needs to be mopped but I’m pretty tuckered out and mopping takes a lot of time and energy.

sadly, the black bags in the first pic aren’t mine and are full of clothes, so I put them by the rest of my brother’s junk.


Before and after unfucking my desk. It may not have looked too bad, but it was covered in my kids’ stuff and enough dust to make a whole bunny. It’s much shinier now :)


Today’s 20/10 efforts. Before and after. #ufyh #cleaning #kitchen #flylady


I’m actually tearing up as I type this post and see my bedroom in photo form. I have been a slob for as long as I can remember. I would spend hours on hours that turned into days trying to clean my room to my parents’ standards a child, and always failed. In my adult life I’ve watched myself continue to live with messy habits that quite frankly just fucked up my habitat, and subsequently my life! It was so hard to enjoy myself when my space was such a dirty wreck. I felt ashamed to have friends over, and don’t even get me started on trying to bring home a date. *oy*

Thanks to UFYH, and all the people who have posted their before and after pictures, I have finally achieved a level of cleanliness and organization in my bedroom that I had only dreamed of. I feel so happy and proud in my space! This transformation took at least 4 months of daily motivation, falling back into old habits, kicking myself into gear again, and sticking to it until I achieved the results I wanted. My before pictures were taken on May 6, 2014, and the after pictures taken today, September 2, 2014.

I just want to say THANK YOU. To Unfuck Your Habitat. You saved my sanity and my life. I couldn’t have done it without the motivation of your blog and app. <3 And to anyone who sees this that struggles with very bad habits, disorganization, and lack of motivation… let this be your inspiration. If I can do it, so can you.

My habitat will never be so fucked again.


Because internet humiliation about the state of my apartment is helping me clean it up more, I present the weird behind-the-door area. It was a pile of junk. Admittedly, all of the junk isn’t sorted through but it’s in the appropriate area now for going through tomorrow evening. Eventually, this area is going to house our washer dryer combo so we won’t have that sad little drawer unit anymore.