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Submission for unfuckyourhabitat. This was done Thursday morning. I get up everyday at 5:45am to write and on thursday I just couldn’t take it anymore.

This was one 20/10 done at 6:30am before I went to work. I realized that day that while I was technically up and awake, I wasnn’t getting any work done with aall of the books and sticky notes everywhere. Plus, I thought I saw a bug. Eew.


Only one 20/10 needed. I had so much food that needed to be thrown away.


Okay. So let me preface this by saying that I am, by nature, a slob. Ridiculously so. My room at my mom’s was a nightmare for YEARS. However, when I moved into my new place for the school year, I decided that I was going to keep things relatively clean and maintained. Believe it or not- I’m doing it! I clean my room and my bathroom every Saturday to at least a minimum degree. While I still almost never have my bed made, I also wash my sheets and stuff on Saturdays, too. So… a shout out to UFYH here, because without reading the blog and getting inspiration/motivation from everyone on there, plus the 20/10 concept, I’m not sure I’d actually be doing this well. Anyway. Pictures! (And no, I’m not going to do this every week, but this is basically the process with my room every single Saturday)


Lovely, right? It’s not too terrible, but definitely needed some cleaning up. (And the pile of clothes on the dresser is is clean, I swear.) So one 20 minute cleaning session later…



SO much better (even though I still have to wash my sheets and stuff, that doesn’t count). It’s so great to be able to have my room clean in one 20/10, you guys. SO NICE. I love the maintenance stage. And the only reason it even took the full 20 minutes was because I managed to break a hanger and had to tape it back together for use. (I should really grab some more of my hangers from my mom’s, I only have EXACTLY what I need…) I know the “if I can do it, anyone can do it” thing is pretty cliche, but seriously, if you’d seen my room at my mom’s before, you’d know that this is a million times better. It might take a while, but you can do it, I promise! <3

(Pro-tip: Put cleaner in your toilet before setting your timer to clean your room, then after that goes off, go ahead and clean your toilet really quick. Kills two birds with one stone. :D)


unfuckyourhabitat I’m pretty proud of this honestly


Befores and afters. Emptied all of my clothes/towels/sheets out onto my bed and went through them, hanging up and folding away what I wanted to keep and making a donate/toss pile (now in a black Torrid bag on my bed). The pile at the foot of the bed is the newly added-to ‘mend and wash’ pile. It took around three 10/10s.


My husband and I have friends coming to stay for the weekend and tend to be a bit…lax in keeping things tidy.

Six 20/10s later, the counters are clean, dishes are done, I finally emptied the cereal containers (!) that had been left untouched for a year, scrubbed the stove drip pans, mopped the floor, put the dirty dishtowels in the wash, and reorganized the coat closet that doubles as kitchen storage.


At first there wasn’t even a kitchen when I moved in. Heck, there wasn’t even a floor! And look at it now! My kitchen is awesome!



two 20/10s on the kitchen, one on the bathroom, two on the rest of the flat whose pictures won’t upload for some reason


I have this amazing walk-in closet that over the last few months has become a walk-in avalanche. My landlord informed me that they are going to be doing major pipe work through the walls in the closet and that I have to move everything out! So I took the opportunity to go to Ikea and buy some cheap reorganizing supplies and redid my closet. 

I love the way it looks — and the way I can walk in to it now. Even though I have to disassemble it tomorrow so they can begin the pipe work… Now I am looking forward to reassembling it next week when the work is completed!


I am more than my mess. Took literally seven minutes to do and I have a huge weight off my shoulders.


Did some unfucking in my dorm today. I naturally tend towards chaos in my living space, and ufyh has helped me be significantly more organized and less gross. Yay.


18 minutes to sort and stash five different projects in various stages, notes, nail products, trash, hooks, needles, books, patterns, stuff, stuff, and more stuff…


Major unfucking after a whirlwind of a depressive episode earlier this week. Took three 45/15s yesterday afternoon, including an unpictured overhaul of the closet. 


The before and afters of our bedroom exchange and habitat unfucking, pt.1 - The Big Bedroom


Before and after of the office!

Up top you can see the way I had it set up before, with the wire organizer and the metal bookshelf.  Not the very best.

The second set show the way things look now!  I pulled my radio out again and it gets much better reception where I have it.

I started this at 9:30 this morning and it took until about 12:30.  I don’t remember breaks but I’m sure there were a couple in there somewhere…

Anyway, I like the way this looks much better than the old way.  There are still things I need to do (hello filing!), but for now it’s great.

We’ll see if I get to that filing tomorrow or not.  Hah.

Also, sorry for the potato shots… apparently I need to get better at holding my phone still when I take pictures.