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Before and after, kitchen edition. The space on the end of the counter and freezer build up really fast so we got a few folders and a storage box. The knitting is only there to keep it out of the way of the pet ferrets and the laundry is gone. Because of sifting out the pile of paperwork concealed in the before photo and shredding sensitive bits, it took 3 x 20 min sessions for an hour in total.


So, this is my laundry room/office/husband’s closet. It is the catchall room for the entire house. I put the desk in here last year to have a place to study and have hardly used it because this room always looks like shit. I refuse to keep doing this!!! If I can get the rest of my house under control, then damn it, I can get this room under control too! This still needs work, but after five 20/10s it looks remarkably better.


Since I finished the living room challenge a bit early, over the last couple of days I’ve been just talking other projects that have been lurking at me.  Feels so good to get things done!  My current challenge is going to be getting the things I want to get rid of, actually out of the house!

Okay, so here’s a few pictures (on a bunch of stuff that I did today, I don’t have before pics):

Holy catfish, I just realized that I didn’t take pictures of the stuff I did on Thursday! Oh well - let’s just say that I tackled a major trouble spot on my kitchen counter that’s been growing and growing, and whipped it into shape.  Mostly tossed stuff or put it away.  There’s still a few things there, I’m not sure what to do with them, and when we hit the actual kitchen challenge, I’d like to get them all off the counter.

Okay, here’s yesterday and today.

Before (obviously): image

And after: image

Before: imageAfter: image

The vitamin/OTC meds cabinet before: imageAnd after: image

Food storage and water bottles after: image


This cabinet had a random assortment of crap in it.  How it has cookie cutters on the top shelf (only the ones we use and like, will donate the rest), baking stuff and birthday candles on the next shelf, and the bottom two shelves are baking ingredients: image

Here are some stuff drawers all cleaned out: image (I really should give up the sushi makers, we have them for a couple of years and not yet made sushi.  We used to all the time, but we lived in the city and had access to the fixings.  Now, not so much.) image This has held together amazingly well over the past year

And then I did the candle/crap drawer. It went from this: image to this: image

I’ve got all sorts of stuff to donate and rehome.  I’m looking forward to it!!  Can’t wait to see what’s on next week’s challenge list!!!  :-D


Before and after :-)


Before and afters of yesterday’s cleaning debacle. I used the UFYH app (which I was leery about because an app’s not going to magically fix things- but the timer was awesome!) and through a series of 20/10’s kicked serious ass!

I’m definitely a marathon-cleaner kind of person (with my attention span/focus, it’s literally all or nothing with giant tasks), but breaking up the day really, really helped me. I still have a lot of work to do, but now that I’m over most of it I can take it piece by piece.

Off to tackle that mountain of dishes now!


(PS: sorry there’s only 1 before picture to 3 after’s- just use your imagination and fill in what I couldn’t bare to show with disgusting, kitty litter-y mess)


I know it can’t last, of course, but for this moment, it feels pretty darn awesome!

So today’s challenge for myself was to get all the piles of stuff up and dealt with.  Not just moved somewhere else, but actually dealt with.  Here’s some before pics:

Pile O’Crap #1: imageNote to self: I need A Place for my bag, sometimes I hang it on the bannister, but that does look messy, and often I just leave it on the floor. 

Laundry Baskets O’Crap:imageThis is all the upstairs stuff that’s been migrating downstairs.  All too often, I fill a basket and it sits for weeks. Like these have. 

General Crap on the Furniture: image


The Horror By the Powder Room: imageThis has all been sitting for far too long - all stuff to go upstairs, plus a backpack to be hung up, and my son’s rain poncho.

The Invisible Bin O’Crap: imageI say invisible because it’s been sitting there for months.  I hate it but just Could Not Deal.  UNTIL TODAY!! 

And now!  

The view towards the front door: image

And the whole living room (with furniture rearrange AGAIN): image

The cup chairs: image

And last, but not least: imageOooooo yeah, baby!!  The HORROR IS GONE!

I also swept, mopped, vacuumed the rug and all the furniture, shook all the crumbs out of the cup chair cushions, etc.  I found a veritable treasure trove of lego guys in the Big Green Chair, my son was so happy! 

And so tomorrow…I begin on the piles in the kitchen and on that bookshelf by the dining room!  But for tonight, I’m going out for dinner with some friends and having a large glass of wine!!


I recently(ish) moved and while big things are unpacked so much stuff is just sitting around. Today I finally got around to tackling two major dumping grounds. Since my bathroom is way smaller I made my dresser into a makeup place! I actually put stuff away instead of somewhere else. The second is the kitchen nook or whatever and only took like 10 minutes to put stuff in the cupboards instead of dumping it.


Tidied up my room and threw a load of towels in the wash.


I can think of SOME PEOPLE who would probably be appalled at the state of my flat right now, but I had a really positive day today and I actually got some cleaning done! This is three days of abject misery, cleared away in about 30 minutes. Phew.


"Once you’re at the point where you need to spend more than one 20/10 on it in a day to reset it, I’d say it’s not quite at “clean” yet." - ufyh

Challenge accepted!


*a mere 10 minutes later*


….Well I’ll be damned!

I was honestly trying to build myself up to that, just dreading that it was going to take foreverrrrr. 10 freaking minutes. Amazing =D


This actually took two 20/10s. Mostly because the garbage you see in the “before” picture also extended behind the nightstand and a bit under the bed and the drawers were a mess too. I still need to have a “come to Jesus” moment with my book piles, but at least for now they are dusted and organized. Gross carpet is coming up in October. I cannot wait!!


 Last semester, a dear friend moved out because I was too messy, and I lost my scholarship because of depression and just general lack of organization.

This week, my new roommates were asking if I’m a neat freak. I’m aiming for a GPA at least .5 higher than my last. 

With the help of Unfuck Your Habitat and Pinterest, I’m determined to keep my apartment clean, tidy and organized— and my life, as well. I’m graduating in May, and I need to get my life together before then. I’m learning how to cook (in fact, I have a freezer full of freezer meals for my slow cooker), I’m keeping a to-do list, I’m setting my clocks late so I turn out early/on time to everything, and I’m using Google calendar reminders like a boss. 


The divider between the kitchen, the garage and the laundry.

I can’t remember the last time we could open the door into the garage. Three trash bags sit at the curb after a 20/10 (more like a 30/done, because of an asthma attack) I know it’s still awful, but the awful will be cleaned as well. It’s not overwhelming now.


I have learned to do hospital corners. (Thanks, Mom; no thanks to the confusing diagram in “Were You Raised By Wolves.”)