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Man, the life-changing things one can learn from UfYH. 

Like this, for instance. I saw this post go up a little while ago and I was impressed. So, today, while unfucking my kitchen, I decided to see if my electric range does the same. 


Let this day go down in unfucking history. This is as important as the microwave trick, y’all. MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

Oh yeah. The above pic is the Before. Not terrible, but…. here’s the AFTER: 


This weekend was dedicated to unfucking two “secret” places in my house.  The places things I don’t know what to do with get stuffed.  The room things go into when company is coming and I need to tidy up quickly (this sort of panicked cleaning is very rare since discovering UFYH).

Before I show you the photos I do want to say while my linen closet started looking like that about two months after I bought the house (a year ago), the office is normally not that bad.  It wasn’t until I took the closet doors off my bedroom closet that the office started getting SUPER problematic (because I couldn’t get around).  The doors never made it to the backyard because the frame on one of them broke when I was moving them and I dropped it, cracking the mirror.  From that point on I was too scared to move them further.  Until yesterday when I sort of shuffled/slid them out, thus giving me room to actually move around the office.

So… Here goes!

The office before:


Office After!!!!

I dislike that cord immensely but there are no holes in the back of that bookcase… yet.

Linen Closet Before:

Linen Closet After!!!

I had all those pens/pencils on my desk in the office, but my cat kept getting into them and knocking them all over the place (refer to office before photos) so I decided since I was moving my craft supplies into the closet, those could live in there too.


I am very, very slowly unfucking my habitat. Many many thanks to Team UFYH for at least providing me with the motivation to do so. It’s not perfect, and I still haven’t tackled the Dreaded Basement™, but I’m going about this one room at a time, and hoping for the best.

So, let’s start with a couple of  “before” pictures of the bathroom.

I know, right? Shameful. But now, take a look at this beauty!

I also unfucked my bedroom closet. I haven’t had a properly organized closet since I moved into my house. It was a fucking disaster, I can’t even tell you. Well, maybe I can. This picture should explain it better than I can.

Right? /o\

And now, check it out!

More unfucking will be forthcoming. Watch this space! Or, you know, you don’t have to watch this space, as this is really interesting only to me and it’s for my own benefit.


“I won’t do it,” I said, when my roommates told me about UFYH and told me to make my bed. “I don’t have time in the morning. I barely make it out of the door by the time I’m supposed to. I’m late for work every day.”

Today I had an extra five minutes to spare. So I was like … well, why the hell not. The unfucking of bedtime has gone well for the past week or so, after all. (And my skin is so happy for it.)

So I made my bed. Of my own volition. For the first time in YEARS.

I even put away the electric blanket (because let’s face it, it’s been in the upper 70s in Chicago these days, and we do not need an electric blanket). I didn’t put it back in storage though, just in case we hit a rogue cold snap in April (it’s been known to happen), but LOOK. IT’S SO PRETTY. And it took a little more than five minutes, but without the electric blanket part of it I expect it’ll be a < 5 minute task. No more excuses.

(I still need to unfuck the side table, but the bed. THE BED!)


The back yard before:

Yes, that is our Christmas tree DON’T JUDGE! Also, yes, we have three charcoal grills. You’d have to ask Husband because I don’t even.

Anyway. Four or five 20/10s later…

They’re blurry because my hands were still shaking from holding the weed-eater. 

There’s still some back yard UFing left to do — there are piles of fallen limbs all over the place back there that I need to deal with, but they’re not a high priority. Our poor trees never fully recovered from that huge ice storm in ‘07 and they’re so brittle that all it takes is a gust of strong wind to rain broken branches all over the yard, and it got to where I got tired of trying to keep up and just designated corners of the yard to chuck them in to get them out of the way of the lawnmower. 

Also, the back porch needs some serious unfracking, but I’m secretly hoping that if I wait long enough my husband will do it.

After a shower and a rest with a nice cup of tea, I also UF’d the closet. But since Tumblr’s being all weird and over capacity I’ll wait to post about that tomorrow. Now here’s hoping this post (which is attempt #3) doesn’t get eaten…