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ten minutes of tidying!


So, after moving house 3 days ago I finally got around to sorting out the spare room today.

It has to multi-task as a guest bedroom, sewing room, music room and an occasional home office for me (my boyfriend has claimed the desk downstairs so I want one too, in a nutshell). It took about an hour and a half, with breaks, and it turns out there was indeed a usable room, desk and sofa bed under all of those blankets! John’s guitars and amps are also stored just to the left of the door, along with my mannequin and some of our boxes full of general stuff that is important enough to not be demoted to the basement, but not essential enough that we’ll need it all the time. 

I’m enjoying this room an awful lot <3


Procrastinating on cleaning the rat cage, decided to do something productive at least. A small task, but tupperware hell needed to be tamed.

I found a catdish and food scoop.. we don’t own a cat. We’ve lived in this apartment for a year and a half.. whoops.


All done! (Except I need to make my bed and shower) unpacked and cleaned. Only took me abt 4hrs. 3 months and 4 hours


Got inspired by tumblr and decided to clean my bedroom!


Three years of Food Network Magazines are now one 3 ring binder


My kitchen was in poor shape after six weeks of head colds and headaches and exhausting work days.  What little free time I had, I used for mental recovery rather than more work.  But eventually I got mostly healthy and got my mind back and then the kitchen was driving me nuts.

So I did 60 minutes work, 30 minute break, 60 minutes work, and it was done.  I’m so much happier with the result.  I can breathe again.

Even the stove drip pans got scrubbed. I gouged up my fingernails pretty badly with the stainless steel scratcher before I put on gloves… don’t do that. Start with gloves on.  Also, test your scratcher in an inconspicuous location before using, because although they are awesome for removing carbonized oil from enameled steel, they’re pretty much sandpaper and will tear the heck out of anything else.

Astute readers will notice this is a different kitchen than before. Yes, I moved. No, I haven’t finished unpacking. More pics later on that, probably.  That’s also why such a long gap in my posts. For what it’s worth, keeping up with my house cleaning UFYH style made moving a whole lot easier and kept my confidence up while facing the huge amount of work. Yay to the results of building long-term habits.


And I’ve learned some interesting things. One: I need to get more done during the summer because during the school year, I’m just *barely* keeping up. I will say, having done *so much* last summer, it was easier to get back to something resembling that state, especially knowing the deep-down cleaning was done. Two: I probably need to do the pantry again. And the freezer. Did I even do the freezer last year? Who knows. Three: I vastly prefer living in a clean and organized space, but once it starts to slip, it GOES FAST, and I get overwhelmed and can’t think or deal and then, wham, back to messy chaos. Which I hate. Four: “Just fucking finish it” has become my mantra this year. [Note: I started this post on the 18th, but couldn’t upload pictures due to being an old, outdated browser.  Fixed this situation, photos now working.]  So first, I’ll note, this was the process from last year:  here and here

So, all that being said, my bedroom had become a total disaster site again. REALLY BAD.imageAll that stuff on the floor?  Clean laundry that I did not put away.  Hangs head in shame.  A fair amount had to be rewashed.  *sigh*  

And now, my side of the bed.  Oh man, it’s really bad. imageA bunch of that is the various sewing projects that have accumulated over the year.  And just crap.  That laundry basket off to the right?  A whole bunch of papers that I’ve needed to sort through for a few weeks now.

Top of the wardrobe is still horrendous.image

A bunch of clutter accumulation under the ironing board: image

Same for my bedside table:image

Friday was a fairly cool day, I don’t work and we had nowhere to go, so I decided to just put on my big girl undies and start dealing with it.  I will confess, I did come back to Tumblr and read some UFYH posts for inspiration, and to remind myself that I can, in fact, do this.  I didn’t end up needing my timer to structure myself, and I did take breaks.

So, ironing board is better, still has crap on it, but some of it actually needs to be, you know, ironed.image

Husband’s side of the bed: image Now our main three laundry bins were living in the closet, but somehow they kept coming out and have been living out in the bedroom. I don’t love it, but I need to do another purge of my closet before I can get them back in.    Two of those loads of laundry were getting into the queue to get done, and have gotten done! That oval bin is full of unmatched socks.  Which I still need to deal with.  Once I get completely caught up on laundry, I need to purge some of our bins.  I like the pink ones for the transporting of dirty laundry down to the basement and clean laundry back up for folding, so I think the rest can go.

imageThis definitely falls into the “better not perfect category.”  Those books need a home, but I have to do a massive book purge upstairs before I can home those guys.  The bin and the laundry basket are projects to be finished and dealt with, which I obviously need to do.  Top of the wardrobe, still bad.  But, the floor is clear and clean, and I can walk to and from my bed without stepping on anything so I call that a big ole win.

Bed made with clean sheets.  And all piles of papers gathered to be dealt with.image

After:imageI know, it doesn’t look much better, but it really is.  All that paper crap was sorted, and  two of those paper grocery bags are recycling.  The other is trash, ha ha!  Everything else sorted for filing, dealing with and then filing, or just figuring out what the hell it is.  Okay, I’ll confess, I haven’t finished that part, because I did get distracted, I mean inspired, by the upstairs.  Since I know that because Monday is my long day at work, I won’t have any energy for cleaning tomorrow, so I’ll finish the paperwork then.

I can’t tell you how truly amazing it feels to be getting back into the swing of this.


Before and afters for today’s effort. The bag I put on the wall is for widowed socks, rather than put them on the top of my dresser.


Also I did a thing and finally cleared off my dining room table the other day.  It didn’t take long, but made a big difference!  Yay for climbing that steep, steep hill out of a massive depressive episode and dealing with chronic sleep issues.  :\


I finally Unfucked my laundry room! And it barely took 15 minutes! Woulda done this sooner if I knew how quick it would be


So, a little backstory. I’m bipolar with way more down days than up, and I’m a veterinary assistant with a 45 minute commute each way. My work days can end up being anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day. Add that to the fact that I have multiple pets of my own and also help rehabilitate wildlife for work, my time is a little tied up. When I get home at night, I just want to take care of my babies and go to bed. So this, coupled with a vacation over the fourth of July weekend, led to my “animal room/study” becoming just a tad bit of a mess more than usual. 

While the rest of my house isn’t in any better shape to speak of, I figured this was the most logical room to spend my day off working on. It’d make my babies feel better having a cleaner space with more room to run around (they have the whole house when I’m home) and it made me feel a hell of a lot better when it was all said and done.

I moved the ferret and rabbit kennels out, swept up all the hay with a rubber broom before vacuuming and spot cleaning the carpet. Also, I learned that drain volcanoes are also a perfectly acceptable way to clean window tracks! Took care of those as well as cleaning the rest of the window and sill, along with dusting and washing the walls and vacuuming out the upper corners. Emptied out the desk and dresser and reorganized them as well as my food and litter stash closet, and went through all of the meds and treats on top of the dresser. Cleaned out the kennels and moved everyone back in! All in all, about four hours total with breaks.

It’s so much easier to get things done when you don’t feel guilty for taking breaks, and before and after picture goals are pretty good motivators! Thanks to unfuck your habitat for the movitation!


I did two 20/10s today with the goal of making a really obvious difference so I stay motivated.


After two 20/10s:


30 seconds after:

I found these (they are from November 2012):

And I need to figure out where to move all of these comics to:

…so I can replace them with my med school notes (this is about a third of them, not including text books):


Before and After: Nightstand
I wanted to unfuck at least one thing this week. Even though the only one who really sees this is me, I knew it was a good place to start.

I had a come-to-Jesus about my to-read pile.

I also had a realization that empty space is a lot like silence: it does not have to be filled with trivial items.


Things that vinegar will clean: all the hard water stains on your glasses.

I got distracted while practicing the “use waiting time” challenge because all of my glassware had gotten hella grody from my bad dishwasher and from my tendency to reuse water glasses over and over again. Example before and after glass is posed unnaturally on a black blanket to show the difference.

Vinegar is magic.