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One hour of ironing but finally I’m done ;_;


Rearranging these shelves seems to be a monthly chore in my house. Shopping gets done, things get shoved on the shelf instead of stacked neatly…


And then, of course, things just get piled on the bottom shelf instead of put away. Half this stuff belongs in the cupboards! Time to get cleaning…


Oops! As I started cleaning up the shelves, I got the wild idea to move the microwave off the counter to give myself more room when cooking. Unfortunately, this resulted in the kitchen exploding and the counters getting covered in random junk.




This job just turned into cleaning the entire kitchen.

But it was worth it in the end!


Overall, this took five sets of 20/10s, spread over two days. I know it doesn’t look that different, but I can see where everything is, nothing is dusty, and nothing is piled up, which is important.


I will need to replace the black shelf the microwave is on with a piece of hardwood that’s cut to fit. I didn’t have dimensions when I stopped at the hardware store, which was silly of me.


The breadmaker has a new home, and the only thing out of place is the soda, because our fridge works a little *too* well and it needed to be left out to thaw.


Although I am still trying to figure out why there were dishes in the sink, since last night was fast food night.


A smallish Unfuck Your Habitat! I made myself a deal tonight, I could only order a pizza if I cleaned/organized something while I waited for the pizza to arrive. My breakfast bar had been bothering me, as it was covered with papers and whatnot and since it’s one of the only places I have to display nicknacks and such (my Christmas tree will look great there), I wanted to get it cleaned up.

The papers (grocery coupons, bills, etc) went into some folders I had lying around, which cleaned up most of the mess. The papers still on the counter are things I need to give to people, as are the catnip moce.

All in all, I’m happy with how this turned out :D


I have a pretty small bedroom, and and it gets so messy. so quickly. I just cleaned it last week, but it was already time to really go through and unfuck my habitat again.



I got a desk pretty recently, and I was hoping it would be a huge boost to my productivity. It turns out that unless I’m ~really~ diligent, it turns into a giant place to put shit. It wasn’t nearly as bad to clean as I expected it to be though. Mostly just a bunch of little crap that needed to go back to it’s home.



So here’s the thing. I really like washing my laundry, but I really can’t stand putting it away. So what always ends up happening is I leave my basket full of clean laundry, and all of my dirty laundry pools around it. Really, I just took my clean clothes on the bed (see below) and collected all of my dirty clothes in there. 




This. Just. Ugh. This section of my room is a lesson in putting my damn things away when I’m done with them. Most of the things on my dresser seriously needed to move like five inches back into their original spot, and I have no idea why I wouldn’t do that right away. There was like a weird layer of paper and plastic scraps under my clothes on the floor?? 




The top picture is the result of dumping all the shit from my laundry basket onto the bed. Putting those clothes away took up about 15 minutes of a 20/10, which seems a bit ridiculous. Other than that, I changed my sheets. But more importantly, I MADE MY BED. I never, ever make my bed, mostly because I just turn turn my blankets into a giant pile of blankets as soon as I crawl in at night. It looks nice though?? So maybe I’ll keep it up??

I’m really skeptical of how long my room will stay like this, but I always feel so nice when it’s all clean. The whole thing took exactly three 20/10 sessions, which really isn’t too bad.


I finally managed to find some extra energy after having a few weeks of low spoons, and did something productive~

My jewelry case/bag looks SO much better then before, and it took about 2 hours to organize. Plastic baggies are amazing for making sure everything doesn’t get all tangled~


I ALMOST didn’t unfuck my habitat but I’m so glad I did.


Horribly sick at the moment (long standing depression topped off with a head cold) but sick of sitting around doing nothing. The state of the bathroom was dragging me down, so without planning to, I started to clean. Two 10/10s later (exhausted) I have accessible makeup and skin care. It’s not perfect but enough for now… This afternoon I will try and chip away at laundry mountain too.

I may not much, but the feeling of accomplishment is encouraging!


Habitat unfucked. I still need to take out the trash and send out my mail, but other than that, I’m good! Took me about 20 minutes.


My weekend was spent assembling furniture and “redoing” my living/dining areas.  Before/afters (anything with the rug or brown shelving is before). Feeling pretty good about this, the room feels a lot bigger.

The piano may be going and the only reason the rowing machine is right smack in the middle is because there’s a big hole in my wall taped up behind it and it’s hiding it until I get an entertainment console. ;)


Despite my best efforts, a themed “Just Ten” update is going to have to wait. A few weeks of illness, depression, and vacation had combined to result in an unforgivably filthy living space.

In short, it seemed irresponsible to worry about how many old cell phones I need when there were literal piles of garbage surrounding my desk. Here are some desperately embarrassing before-and-afters. I share these publicly in the hope that I will have too much shame to let it get this bad again. Also, I think this can help give you some context as to why I launched this blog in the first place.

This kind of mess is a symptom of long-running cluttering habits. Be it books, clothes, gadgets, or phone bills, things have a tendency to pile up around here.

Kitchen - Before


Kitchen - After


I cannot tell you how many coffee mugs I scrubbed clean. Notice the lack of clutter on the breakfast nook - even though this wasn’t a standard declutter day, I did find several canisters, measuring cups, and cleaning supplies for the donate box.

Downstairs - Before


Downstairs - After


Cleaning up downstairs was mostly an issue of putting things away. You never know when a maintenance guy or Mormon is going to pop their head in the door to say ‘Hello,’ so I always tried to stay more on top of things. A lot of the trash was actually out of frame, piled on the floor next to the kitchen, where the trash can occasionally resides.

Upstairs - Before


Upstairs - After


Still need to vacuum, and I didn’t make the bed (Sorry, UFYH), but I did collect 4 loads of laundry, 133 plastic bottles to recycle, and another 5 coffee mugs that missed the initial dish run. The second story is still a mess of collectibles and old video game consoles, but that’s an update for another day.

All told, I boxed up around 13 more things for charity, threw out over 10 bags of trash, and spent a total of 7.5 hours cleaning and tidying. It was a long weekend, but time well spent, in my opinion.


Before and after. Minus one floordrobe, plus one cat. Took about 15 minutes.


Three 20/10s later and my desk is ready for full time working at home again! Yay!


Before and after one hour of cleaning (for two adults and one child).


So it’s at least cleaner in here now. I forgot to set a timer, and thus don’t know how many 20/10’s it would have taken me, but I did listen to Awesome Mix Vol. 1 twice, so there you go.

Of note: the pic of my bed shows the complicated arrangement of pillows required for me to use my laptop while lying on my side, due to pudendal neuralgia. The thing in the last pic with blue undercarriage lights is a vaporizer.


Depression got me here, but I am trying to get my act together.