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So my bedroom has been in a bit of a disaster condition for a while now. In the “before” picture, yes, those are two regular mattresses stacked on top of each other, directly on the floor, with the bedframe sort of hanging out in the middle of everything. I’ve been sleeping like that for a year. A WHOLE YEAR! However, the box spring that came with one of the mattresses was 150 miles away, and arranging to get it to my house has been a disaster— but this weekend it arrived! Woo-hoo!

Now, I could have let the box spring hang out in my hallway for a long while… excuses excuses… or I could buckle down and tackle this room. After several 30/15s (and time to do the laundry) the bedframe is put together, with a box spring on it, and just ONE regular mattress, and all the bedding has been washed and the bed made.

I can’t wait to sleep in my “big girl bed” tonight! :)


Before and afters. I made a clean.


Well this is fucking embarrassing to post, but I’m doing it anyway. We’ve had this chair with a growing pile for the last several months. I’m not sure what started it, but it got out of control. Used an unfuck your habitat challenge to get the shit cleaned up. Now to rest and I’ll do another challenge or two tomorrow.


The kids start back at school tomorrow so I’m making a start on the epic house clean I want to do between now and Christmas.

So, one KALLAX and eight DRÖNA later….

Gotta love IKEA. :)


Got a little depressed in August when I realized I couldn’t afford to take any of the art classes I was looking at (that were actually on days I could have taken them) and got stressed out waiting for hubby to find out whether or not he had any work from September on. The result was the office got piled up with paperwork that needed to be filed, art supplies that needed to be put away, and just junk in general. But hubby now has a full time job through the end of the year, I signed up for an online class, and I’ve had two days off so I was ready to tackle the office to try and get it back to the start point (and I’m posting pictures to remind myself what it’s supposed to look like.)

I spent three 20/10s working on it so far and I’m taking a long break now, mostly because the paperwork that need filing and the art supplies all go down in the basement which involves running up and down two flights of stairs and I can only do that so many times in one cleaning. Still have a bit more to so but the desk is clean! Hope to have the rest done tonight.

The goal for the rest of the year is to get into the habit of spending 10 minutes before going to bed cleaning the office so I don’t end up running up and down the stairs so many times in one cleaning.


Look at this. Oh my god. Oh my god it’s done just in time for my move out to college. It’s so beautiful.


A spike in anxiety for me leads to a dip in tidiness so today I did 3 20/10s and decided to document it. If you have a tendency towards messiness like me I highly recommend @TeamUfYH on Twitter and tumblr and she has an app too with lots of nifty features. #ufyh #teamufyh #cleaning #anxiety


Top: Everything is trash, to be sold or donated except for the (3!) red boxes.

Left: The white box already has a few things to get rid of but I’m not in a rush and I’m sure the guys at Goodwill won’t miss me.

Right: The bruise on my arm from lifting and moving all those boxes. 

If you ask me to tell you what I got rid of, it takes awhile for me to remember… Proof that it was years of meaningless waste I was holding onto.

Also, moving things from storage into my bedroom meant that it eventually began bugging me enough to where I found the motivation to get rid of it all.


The great paperwork unfuckery of 2014!

This took me about 8 hours over the course of three days.

That is paperwork amassed in 3 years. I had already organized it a few times over the years, but never really put it away. And now that I had the time (yay unemployment >:C), I finally got around to it.

Everything is pretty and labelled and stowed were it should be!

Now for the rest of the study/guest room…


I didn’t get much done. We were leaving for a long weekend away from home and I had limited time. Honestly, I didn’t want to do anything at all. This isn’t even the first time I’ve posted for UFyH with this very area. You don’t magically get better and never get bad again. I get bad again nearly every single time. But I AM getting better. It doesn’t take as long for me to get my motivation. Unfuck Your Habitat really is a life saver, one dish rag and one sweep at a time. I feel accomplished with even the tiniest thing I do now, when before I felt like a pointless failure if EVERYTHING didn’t get done. Thanks again UfYH.


Before and after of my invisible corner. I think because it’s an enclosed porch, my brain thinks of it as “outdoors”, so it never occurs to me to clean. But it feels so good every time I go outside now.


Running an Etsy shop can be a little bit frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with glitter and that ish gets everywhere already. The other night I decided that my workspace needed a little unfucking. 

The top is a partial before, as I had already started moving some of the finished dinosaurs on the right so I could actually move the table and properly sweep under them. 

The two after photos probably still look a little crazy in the pictures, but I promise that everything has its own place!

In taking on this project, I now know exactly what is in the shop and what is not, which makes it easy to see that which colors I don’t have a lot of and which I don’t need to use for a while. 

I’ve also found that I have a LOT of the tiny dudes unlisted, so I don’t have to make those for a while, which is good, they’re more frustrating to make!

Now it’s time to mess that table up again by glittering more thumbtacks and planters!!


I’m still doing the easy rooms and avoiding the tough ones. (15 minutes)



after several weeks of living like an absolute slob (THANKS DEPRESSION) i finally made it liveable again.

p.s. being caffeinated + loud motivational music helps

p.p.s. admire my dinosaur laundry bin pls


Unfuck Your Habitat before and after.