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blueandbluer replied to your post: dumb question… i use one of those clorox wand things to clean my toilet, so i don’t have any of that toilet squirt cleaner… would you recommend i put a little bleach in my toilet at night, or just spray some kaboom or lysol bathroom cleaner or something in there (aerosol)? thanks! love this blog!

Though a reminder to those with pets… if you leave anything in the toilet for any period of time… don’t forget to CLOSE THE LID!

Absolutely. That’s why the step in the Unfuck Tomorrow Morning routine is “Pour a little cleaner in the toilet bowl (if you don’t have pets or children or sleepwalking adults).”

Safety first.

blueandbluer replied to your post: rouxfully replied to your post: monasequeda…

You also need a NO FUCKING EXCUSES gif.

I will also accept EXCUSES ARE BORING.

blueandbluer replied to your post: How do you clean the small area beneath a radiator, around all the nooks and crannies? Also, how do you get rid of caked-on dust?

You could make a blingee one that just flashes between “BOILING WATER,” “VINEGAR” and “MAGIC ERASER.” With lots of sparkles. And maybe a rainbow.

I lack the skills for such a wondrous thing. But it would be amazing. I think perhaps a unicorn instead of a rainbow, though.

blueandbluer replied to your post: MAKE YOUR BED.

I can’t; there’s a man in it.

nom-chompsky replied to your post: MAKE YOUR BED.

But I am laying in it

Man, you guys and your excuses.



blueandbluer replied to your post: I’ve washed my sheets twice in the past two days….

Uh oh, careful… PileofMonkeys is gonna see and yell at you.

Yeah, I know. BUT, POM, I unfucked my work space AND LBC yesterday, so. I spent like AT LEAST 4 hours on those two things.