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Today, I cleaned my room in under an hour.



I really pride myself in my ability to acquire so many knick-knacks and little special momentos and make them all look like they belong. We’re moving this year, and I’m at college, so I won’t really get to enjoy my room for much longer. But atleast this will make my last week here before I leave for school again well worth it.

habitat: unfucked.


got a little more done today.

Things I didn’t get photos of:

Replacing the litterbox.  It was leaking.  Cleaning up the litterbox leak.  Sweeping and mopping the kitchen.  Unfucking the kitchen table (I LOVE CLEARING SURFACES).  Getting all the dishes done.  Filling an empty fridge and cabinets with actual food.

And here are a few before and after shots :)


Ick right?  This thing had been grossing me out since we moved in back in september.  A post the other day inspired me to tackle it.


While doing the dishes I let this bad boy soak in some oxy clean and water and when I was done I just wiped it clean.  Ahhh so much better.

I decided to give the sink the same treatment:


Hush, I don’t have anything to actually close up the drain.

Anyways after some soaking with oxy I wiped it down and got…


aww yeah.  No more orange grime.

Next I cleared up an area that is a constant source of stress:


The “nightstand” next to my side of the bed.  My fiance’s side is worse but that’s his job to take care of :P  Anyway, I dump things on here after work “for later” and they just end up falling off and I never pick them up.  After 1  20/10 here’s what I got:


Stress level reduced.  I also had enough time to make my bed after doing this :D

Tomorrow morning is the laundry. 


Feeling pretty awesome.

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So I used the “vinegar & water for three minutes” to clean the microwave :) Next time, I will start with the top (ceiling) first lol

Then I attacked the invisible corner. And all the stuff went where it belonged :) I do need to figure out how to keep it from getting this bad. Hmmmmmm….

How to keep it from getting that bad? Put stuff away, not down. Wipe the microwave every other use or so.


Before and After - vinegar cleaning on tiles.

These are some tiles above the back door in the kitchen. There’s no vent/extractor fan so most of the ventilation is via this door. Obviously a lot of steam goes out near the top so the tiles get pretty grubby.

A quick spray with some almost-neat vinegar, a vigorous wipe with some towelling and a little elbow grease and it’s all shiny!

(The spray bottle is resting on top of the blind attached to the door - it’s not floating!)


Sunday Night Maintenance UnFucking

Husband and I spent Saturday and half of today at Timberline Lodge, a National Historic Landmark WPA building (and the establishing exterior image for the Overlook Hotel in The Shining), at approx 6000’ elevation on Mt. Hood. It was pretty amazing! It’s an incredible structure with a really neat history, and the views are outstanding. We even did some (very) light hiking on the trails in close to the lodge. Very awesome spontaneous weekend getaway. 

But that left little time for my now-habitual (and dare I say anticipated?) weekend unfucking. Luckily, all it takes is 20 minutes to effect positive change, right? So I used the vinegar-bowl method and unfucked my microwave. As you can see, clean as a whistle! Clean microwave + counters wiped down + dishwasher loaded & run = 20 minutes worth of work to keep my home environment as calming and inspiring as the outdoor environment we visited. Success! 


Took longer then I thoguht cause I well took a few breaks haha. But it is done, the games are organized and it is so nice.  Here are the before and after pictures.


And the afters:

I coudlnt find a place for dvds and our cd stand cant hodl all the cds so there is a stack of each behidn the controler basket.  And where did I put the games you ask? Good Question:

I didnt get a before fo those baskets but I wish I had, they were just full of random crap! But I foudn my ipod cord in amongst allt he game stuff, so now I have 2 : ( Cause my mom got me one for my birthday haha.

Tiem to clean ym room and rat cage now! More unfucking!


The front room was a dumping ground when we moved in here a couple weeks ago.

While the rest of the house was coming together, this room was taunting me. 

This was last weekends progress. The desk was $25 on craigslist, and being metal, it took my husband, my roommate and me to wrestle it into the house. Luckily this is the front room.

Today it’s finished:

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We moved in here last week. The front room, as mentioned, still has junk in it we’re slowly weeding through. But the first thing I made sure I tackled was the boxes in the kitchen. Every night before I go to bed I make sure the kitchen is unfucked. I didn’t take a before picture, but here is my kitchen and dining room, shockingly still clean. (Okay there’s a couple dishes in the sink right now, but they’ll be in the washer before I go to work).


Look ma, I have counterspace! I even put the crockpot away after I made a potroast today. (And those crockpot liners are awesome)

Also I zeroed my inbox this weekend. Yeah it’s all archived, but it makes the inbox so much easier to manage.


The Great Unfucking—Part II: AFTER

You can see the floor now! What is this sorcery?!

…and after!


So I’ve been very slowly picking away at this for a week or so now. A little here, a little there.  It’s one of those rooms that I always want to do…

Okay, first of all, my room does not usually look this bad. I was in the middle of trying to sort some things out in my closet when I realized I should have taken a before photo of my room. Usually there are sheets on my bed.  Admittedly usually the clothes on the bed are on the floor ;)

But (!) Check THIS out:

The first thing I did was take the hated mirrored closet doors off. I’ve been wanting to do that since I moved in last September. I’ve had the curtains to hang in their place since about December. I’m not totally happy with A) the fact I didn’t iron them before hanging them and B) the spring rod situation, but yay for no more horrid mirrored doors. Figure I can iron them out when I replace the rod.

And behind the curtains?

Okay, clearly I need to go through and get rid of some stuff because the amount of clothing in there is ridiculous but I’m in a place right now where I need to hang on to a range of sizes. I did weed out the things that are too big (save for a block of t-shirts I like to walk in). But! The t-shirt thing is new, the shoe rack is new, that shelf with all those handbags (and yes, that shelf is 95% ALL handbags… some ladies have a shoe problem, I have a t-shirt, handbag, hat problem) is all pretty and organized (larger bags I use for beach/concert/farmer’s market/day trips, etc. are in an organizer in my office closet). I bought all those organizers forever ago at the Container Store (um, hello wonderful place!), it was nice to use them finally.

As for the rest of the room?  It’s VERY girlie, which surprises a lot of my friends, but I do love it so….

I love my awesome glass tray table. I bought it at a barn sale years ago. You’re really supposed to use it for serving as the glass top doubles as a tray. I use it to rotate out postcards I love/have received. I’m also sort of a post-card whore.

Okay, the cat-trees aren’t the prettiest, but clearly the kitties enjoy them.

So there it is. Completely unfucked, totally organized, so incredibly clean and tidy. And I’m absolutely going to keep it that way.  Sheesh! I even steam-cleaned the carpet!


Just for the record, I hate cleaning bathrooms and washing dishes.  They are my two most hated chores.  

Most mornings I get up and brush my hair in bed and only go into the bathroom to pee.  I’m really not 100% sure what hubby’s routine is since he’s still sleeping when I leave for work but I am guessing it includes brushing his hair (longer than mine *swoon*), shaving, and peeing.  So I don’t put to much love into my bathroom.


Thanks to UFYH, I have finally started to make a dent into it.  I thought I had taken a before picture of our sink, but it got ate on my phone.  So you’ll just have to imagine a long hair, dried soap, brushes, shaver, toothpaste tubes, 4 toothbrushes, and a bunch of other things covered sink.

See isn’t it grody???

And example two (which my phone didn’t eat)

This is “The Shelf.”  It has become a blind corner and looking at it on the computer all I can think of is EWW!!  

SO!!  One (yes only 1) 20/10 later and we have…..

Le Sink!

Le Shelf!   Eeee i am so excited on how great it looks.  All it took was a corner of a magic eraser and it is gleaming white again!!! :D  I can’t wait until tomorrow when I finish the bathroom and start on the kitchen!


OMG GUYS MY FLOOR IS VISIBLE IT’S VISIBLE SO CLEAN OMG I haven’t seen it this way in 6+ months!


OMG GUYS MY FLOOR IS VISIBLE IT’S VISIBLE SO CLEAN OMG I haven’t seen it this way in 6+ months!

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An awesome transformation is over with, but it’s all under the cut! Check it out!

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UFYH (unfuck your habitat) has inspired me, despite my mental illness, to unfuck my apartment by slowly getting it to a state of god-like cleanliness.

For 20 minutes at a time, I’ve been cleaning and sorting and organizing evidence of my busy life.  My apartment is now “company ready,” but instead of cleaning up in a desperate panic, I did it for me and my sanity, over an extended period of time.

Now, I’m going to set a goal to make my bed, do my dishes, put things away, and do a 20 minute clean up EVERY DAMN DAY. (because excuses are boring.)

It’s not overwhelming. 20 minutes a day.  That’s it.  I can maintain that (even in the throes of depression).

P.S.  In Pittsburghese (which is the silly “language” of Pittsburgh), this would be called “redding up.”    As in:  ”Imma redd up before company comes over.  They’re nebby n’at.  I dun wanna ‘em tah see my mess clear from dahtahn.

Also, things don’t “need to be cleaned.”  They “need cleaned.”  

Oh, Pittsburgh <3 


Yesterday, I unfucked my habitat. I spent the whole day (with breaks in between) cleaning, scrubbing, folding, vacuuming, and sweating! The great part about it is, other than laundry and dishes from last night’s dinner, nothing in the house needs to be done today =)

Kitchen Before & After:

Cleared off & wiped down table, wiped down cabinets, microwave, oven door, refrigerator door, & counter tops, changed cat litter, swept & scrubbed floor, vacuumed rug.

Living Room Before & After:

Cleaned off & wiped down coffee table, fixed couch, picked up laundry & blankets off floor, removed cat hair from shades, dusted lampshades, & vacuumed.

Bedroom Before & After:

Yikes! Folded & put away clean laundry, moved dirty laundry to hampers, changed sheets & made bed, picked up floor, fixed curtains (we really only need the sheers now because they put up a fence outside to keep people from using by my side of the building as a shortcut), dusted side tables, vacuumed.

Bathroom After:

Cleaned tub, toilet, & sink, changed shower curtain liner, changed bath mat, swept & mopped floor.