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Asker spockat Asks:
I have a small house-worth of stuff in a 1-BR 750-sq.-foot apartment. Floor and even wall space are crowded. Closets are full. Anxiety and depression feature largely. I know that a neat house helps clear my mind but I have no place to put stuff. I have to ruthlessly weed things out so I can move later this year and feel completely overwhelmed. I make snarky comments sometimes when i see the "Look I cleaned my room!" posts -- I should have it so good ... Perfectionist anxious asshole needs help.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Start with the closets. You need to make room to put stuff away. Pick one closet and set a timer for 20 minutes and weed out what you can in that time. Take a break and repeat. Most importantly, once you’ve weeded things out, get them out of your home. They go right to the donation bin or recycling. A lot of organizations will schedule pickups where you just put your stuff outside and they come get it.

Once you’ve done that, look for additional space you’re not using to its fullest. Under beds, creating multiple levels in cabinets, using closet wall and door space, etc.

Pace yourself, celebrate even the tiniest of accomplishments, but, most importantly, get started.

I have a lot of scarves (pashminas, long scarfs, and square kerchief style ones) and I have no idea how to store them. Boxes are out because I have an awful memory and if I can't see things, I forget I own them. I have a deep shelf above my clothes, but if I fold the scarves and stack them vertically, the pile never stays neat and it very quickly becomes scarfageddon up there. Do you or any of your followers have any ideas?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Shower curtain rings on a clothes hanger. Thread the scarves through the curtain rings and hang the whole thing up.

You have a bunch of clothes sitting around. I know you do. Whether they’re clean and piled in a basket, or dirty and on the floor, or probably a bunch of both, they aren’t where they belong. Take 20 minutes to put that shit away. Clean: in drawers, hung up, or folded and put away. Dirty: in the hamper (or even better, in the washer). Vanquish the floordrobe.

I went through the clothes tag & didn't see an answer or even a question for this, but is there a better way to store jeans in drawers? Either giving more room or convenience. I currently fold them & put them in stacks. I know jeans are usually best on hangers, but I don't have a closet to do that with, so no dice on that front. I know shirts can be vertically stacked, thus making it easier, a jeans/pants trick along those lines? Sorry if it has been asked. Keep on keepin' on and all that jazz
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I roll ‘em. Takes up less room.

Asker emmaxgudith Asks:
Great High Priestess of Unfucking, i come to you with a dilemma. i've recently redone my closet and have 2 hanging sweater organizer things that i use to hold all of my tshirts. i see vertical stacking and think, that would be much more efficient than taking out the whole stack for one shirt. i am also getting a new captains/storage bed soon and a new dresser with big drawers. should i abandon the organizers for vertical drawer stacking? my current small dresser is full of sweatshirts and socks.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Move the sweatshirts to the hanging organizer (they take up a lot of drawer space), and see if there are baskets that fit into the hanging organizers that you can put the socks into. The hanging organizers are also really good for things like jeans, too.

I’ve conquered Clothes Mountain and put everything away. My hamper is filling up but I’m holding back on doing laundry because I have no room in my closet or dresser to put the clean clothes away. That sounds like a terrible excuse, but that’s my situation. I need to get rid of old things but I have a really, really hard time deciding what to get rid of. It would be nice if I could reduce shit by 30%. I’m almost ready to just toss every third thing I pick up. Any tips?
Dear UFYH, what’s the best way to cut down the size of your wardrobe? I have literally over 30 dresses, I’m too scared to count my other clothes but I’m lucky if I wear a dress more than once a week. My clothes overflow a 4-drawer dresser AND a bookshelf, and let’s not even get into the ones hanging up. My shoes pile up on the shelf in the top of my closet, and fall down on my head when I try to get them down. The biggest problem? I LOVE EVERY PIECE! HELP

You guys either need to get more storage, or get merciless. Lots of people will tell you to try that “turn the hanger backwards” trick and get rid of everything you haven’t worn, but that requires a lot of time. You know what you wear and what you don’t. My cut-off is generally two seasons. If I haven’t worn a summer dress in two summers, it’s not really in the rotation and it’s just taking up space and needs to be culled. Anything that doesn’t fit right, gone.

Neither of you mentioned it, but I’ll address one thing: lots of people don’t like doing this because it reminds them of how much money they spent on those things they’re getting rid of. Here’s the thing: the money’s already spent. You’re not getting it back (unless you can consign stuff, but even that’s just a fraction). By sitting in your closet taking up space, these items aren’t giving you their money’s worth anyway. Start fresh and be more conscious of what you’re buying and why.

Asker rowanfae Asks:
When you lay out your clothes for tomorrow, where do you put them? At least for now, I don't really have a place for laying out clothes ...
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

My stuff is usually on hangers, so I just hang it from my closet door or aside from the rest of my closet stuff. I hang all of the necessary accessories and such off of various parts of the hangers and put the shoes right underneath.

Asker zoegays Asks:
Yeah, so I made a mountain of clothes from my closet and floordrobe that I'm going through for the first time. It's like 3 feet tall and takes up the whole bed...where do I even begin? Help! I'd like to sleep tonight but my clothes are stopping me!
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

One piece at a time. Handle every item only once: pick it up, decide if it needs to be washed, hung up, folded and put away, or put aside for donation. Start at the top of the pile, and work 20 minutes at a time, taking a 10-minute break in between until the pile is under control. Stop looking at the pile. Just look at one item at a time.

Asker unioncarbide Asks:
OK I've got one that I don't think I've seen yet: I've got a couple button-down shirts that have deodorant residue in the pits. I'm not talking about a little white stain, these are crinkly almost canvas textured areas in an otherwise extremely soft and comfortable cotton shirt. How do I get rid of these, he asks, expecting the answer "vinegar". Thanks in advance :)
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I’m almost afraid to say vinegar :)

Try making a paste of baking soda and water and working it into the build-up/fabric with an old toothbrush. Let it sit, then wash it as usual. OxiClean would also be worth a try. I think the paste/brush combo is key, though.


What is the best way to store tshirts?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I like to roll ‘em, so you don’t have to displace a whole stack to get to the one you want. If you prefer folding, stack like with like. Similar colors together, or undershirts separate, any system that involves the least amount of disruption to get to the one you want.

I don’t like hanging them because they get those poky hanger dents, even with padded hangers.

Hey UfYH, love your blog! It's helped me so much. Question: I don't have drawers and won't be able to get any anytime soon. I hang up most of my clothes in my tiny closet but it always morphs into a floordrobe without fail. Do you have any dresser-substitutes or amazingly ingenious ideas to help me? (Oh yeah, I should mention that I've unfucked my wardrobe and donated the clothes I didn't need/want anymore, etc. so it's not an issue of too much stuff.) Thanks!
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I’m a huge fan of hanging storage like this, which creates “shelves” (and drawers, if you use the inserts) with only hanging space. Don’t neglect your inside-of-the-closet-door space either; there are over-the-door hangers for everything. Utilize your underbed space for less-used items, and you should be able to banish the floordrobe.


I heard about Unfuck Your Habitat through a friend about a month ago, and have been making slow but steady improvements in my apartment’s overall habitat.

I’ve never been good about hanging my clothes up (I always had dressers growing up, so my closets have always been dedicated to shoveling all my stuff into when I have to “tidy up” in a hurry), so for my first Before & After I decided to tackle my closet.  It took 3 20/10s, with a small break to go to the store and buy more hangers.  Ta-da!

Firstly, thank you for UfYH. I have two questions: 1. what do you do with worn, but not-ready-for-washing-yet clothing? I've always felt weird folding them up and putting them back with the truly clean stuff, thus my floor-robe grows. Is there a better solution? 2. For any fellow artist readers, how do you keep your studio stuff neat? P.S. I just made my bed, which prompted me to unfuck my entire bedroom. YAY ME.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Here’s my thing about once-worn clothing: if it’s clean enough to put back on your body, it’s clean enough to put back in your closet or drawers. If you’re really skeeved, but not skeeved enough to wash the stuff, consider one of those hanging fabric shelf things you can put in your closet, so you can fold the stuff up and keep it neat before its next wearing.

Have you got any tips what do with clothes that have been worn once, but aren't dirty enough to launder yet? My problem is that I don't want to put them with the clean stuff, and they end up all over the floor...
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I’ve gotten this question a few times, so I’ll preface it by saying that I generally just hang stuff back up or fold it and put it away. If it’s dirty enough that I don’t want it touching my other clothes, it’s dirty enough to wash.

If you do want to keep your once-worn clothes separate, consider designating a drawer or a section of your closet for these items, or hanging fabric storage for your closet that’ll keep it separate and organized but not touching anything.

Do you have suggestions for where to put clothes that you've used once (and thus can't go back into the closet with the clean laundry) but aren't so dirty as to wash them again: jeans, cardigans, blazers & Co? They currently are hanging behind my door and have conquered a chair in my room. I tried using my 20 min. of unfucking to deal with the mess, but I just managed to make it look half-way presentable. It's not ideal.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Can you section off an area of closet for them? Or maybe use a hanging closet organizer (the kind with shelves) so you can fold them and put them behind closed doors without them coming in contact with clean stuff?