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Unf***ed my wool/yarn stash!

It’s all spent ~48 hours in the freezer to kill off anything that might be lurking and is now sealed into (hopefully mothproof) ziploc bags.


I’m desperately in love with Really Useful Boxes. They’re amazingly sturdy, come in a bunch of different sizes and shapes and colors, but are sadly hard to find or expensive.

But the other day I was in a store and happened to see a few new boxes. One meant for ornaments, one meant for packing a Christmas tree and one for wrapping paper. I picked up the wrapping paper one, even though I have NO wrapping paper because somewhere in the back of my head was a little voice saying ‘We can use that!’ but no real idea.

Fast forward to today. I’m unf*ucking my art/craft/guest room and I look at the box. And look at my yarn and a little lightbulb pops up. I CAN PUT MY STUFF IN IT!

Not all my stuff, but the tray would work to keep my crochet hooks and yarn needles and stitch counters nice and neat and while the bottom part won’t hold even a portion of my yarn stash… it could hold SOME of it.

It’s not perfect but now I can find my yarn needles and some of my hooks!