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Someone just steered me to a Jezebel post about a TLC program about a woman who bleaches everything in her house (and in other people’s houses), including food and, well, everything. My two strongest reactions:

1. Holy fuckballs, does Gawker’s commenting system blow goats; and

2. You do not ever need that much bleach. Even in sterile lab settings, you’ll almost never need a bleach/water ratio any stronger than 1:10. And most of the time, bleach is overkill. I’m (obviously) not a scientist, so I’m not going to speculate on breeding supergerms or whatever, but it’s not good for your skin, not good for your respiratory system, and generally unnecessary unless you’re dealing with biological hazards. Bleach has its place, but it is way overused, and please don’t bleach your food, people.