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Hey, I just discovered your blog today and I'm loving all the tips. I looked through a few of your tags and didn't see a whole lot on this topic, though. I "cleaned" my dorm room yesterday by taking things off my desk/floor/windowsill and shoving them in my closet. Now I have a closet full of blankets and books and things and nowhere to put them. I don't really have room for more storage bins/drawers, and I don't really want to cover every surface in stuff. What should I do?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

You may need to get creative with your storage. Are you using all of your underbed space? how about your vertical space? Behind stuff, in other stuff; find every available square inch and figure out a way to use it. Closets almost always have a ton of wasted vertical space. See if you can do something like that.

Otherwise, we’re looking at more stuff than storage, and if the answer isn’t more storage, it’s less stuff.