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Dear UfYH,
Happiness, thy name is Bissell! We have, with our tiny borrowed Bissell carpet cleaner, unfucked the majority of the carpet in the house, including the dog and boy stains in the boys room (I won’t go into details, but ONE of them who knows better also did things with poop on the carpet, when they were younger)
Stairs were a bit of a trial, but I at least got them tidier. Alpha Teen even got in on the act and did the tiny walk through where we put our bookshelves. Her thoughts when emptying the container?
” that’s nasty.”

I’m not sure I have enough cleaner to do the girls’ room, but by all that is filthy I will use my Canadian Tire money and I will GET SOME! The important thing is, now some of the Christmas stuff can start going up!
(FYI I used pretty smelling ‘green’ concentrated cleaner that is for allergens and such)

Secret about me: I find the filthy, disgusting water that ends up in the steam cleaner’s dirty water tank to be deeply satisfying. Like, the grosser, the better. This is probably not normal.