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I’m pretty stuck lately in terms of motivation. Can’t seem to get anything done. Don’t want to leave my house. Just want to fuck around on the internet. Caught myself thinking yesterday that I was adding meat to my scrambled eggs “to fool myself into feeling like food is appealing,” which seems like a pretty good sign that I’m in a down spell. My anxiety has been pretty high for the last couple days as well.

I need to get shit done.

I have a to-do list.

If I were to post it, would anyone be willing to maybe “click” me when I check off an item (any reinforcement ranging from “yay!” to idk a cute pic or gif or something)?

If that’s too much to ask (it seems a little silly now I look at it and I’m kind of embarrassed), just some beginning of the day encouragement would not go amiss.



Accountability buddy needed in Aisle 1! Drop matchbook-stories an ask if you can help out!