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I’ve taken medical classes, and we are advised to use a 1:10 solution. That is the industry standard for hospitals, and used to clean surfaces with deadly viruses and bacteria. If it’s enough for hospitals, it should be enough for the rest of us.

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10 percent bleach long term. If I do a short term soak for lab supplies, I’ll go as high as 15 percent for, say, 30 minutes.

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Aura218's suggestion of having Hoarders playing in the background while cleaning is a great idea. I went to put it in my Instant Queue, and when I checked for HCiYH I found out that Clean House (which I love) is also on Netflix Instant. These, plus podcasts, are the perfect way for me to get stuff done in my bedroom. Thank you!
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Yes! I really do love HCiYH (the BBC version only; the American one sucked), and I try to channel a little Kim and Aggie when I can.

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Yesterday I needed to do some cleaning and was actually feeling motivated to do so. However, I was apparently out of the cleaning product for my stove. I didn't want to lose my momentum and then I remembered what you've posted about baking soda and oh my god I've never seen the stove that clean even when I use the special cleaning product on it. Thank you so much for posting your cleaning tips - otherwise I would have never thought to try it! I'm going to use that from now on. <3!
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