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I can't figure out storage. My fiancee and I currently share one room until we can move out of her parents and into our own place and it's just too cramped! No matter what kind of storage solution we come up with, we're still stuck in a cramped, messy room. We have hanging shelves, ottomans filled to the brim, baskets and boxes and there's still stacks of books everywhere and the laundry piles up in less than two days. What other storage solutions do you have for very cramped quarters?
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Less stuff.

More stuff than storage has two solutions: more storage or less stuff. If you’re already maximizing your storage (vertical storage, underbed, furniture with storage, etc.), the only way to gain more space is by having less stuff. If you can find more storage solutions (even offsite, maybe), great, but a space can only hold so many things. Just make sure you’re maximizing every square inch available to you.

Okay, so this is more of an Un-Fuck Your Life kind of question. How on EARTH do you go about getting hired?! I've been applying to jobs since November and I can't get any form of stable work at all. I got a three-week seasonal position and now daycare twice a week at a church. I just don't understand how people get hired for real jobs.
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