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Unf***ed my wool/yarn stash!

It’s all spent ~48 hours in the freezer to kill off anything that might be lurking and is now sealed into (hopefully mothproof) ziploc bags.


Yarn Stash: Unfucked!

Business has been very slow lately so, instead of doing managerial stuff to try and sell cakes, I decided to organize my yarn. I finished frogging a bunch of ugly projects, untangled a big mess and wound up everything neatly into little balls. I also tagged everything with its fiber content and weight, but I still haven’t figured out what to knit next.

I can be such a terrible manager sometimes…



I apologize for the low resolution; there’s 38 projects and an ad for a sock club that travels Ireland. For you people who do not know me, let’s just say that I am a procrastinator (coughcough I started my Christmas knitting in September and STILL haven’t finished three presents. One just needs to have its cord cut and to get a bath. cough cough) and I tend to have eyes bigger than my stash…er…hands.


As mentioned in my previous post, I edited ruthlessly based on my capabilities, expenses, etc. First, however, I amused myself by making folders: 

The itty-bitty file folders are organizing the stash into categories such as “cardigan,” “pullover,” etc. 

The finished categories:

Now we get to the fun stuff—going through the queue, one by one, and deleting what I could never accomplish even if I were locked in a room with nothing but wool.

Among the Fallen (a moment of silence, please):


I have the patterns I really do like. Now to delete the ones I have neither needles nor budget to do! (Uh, I did keep a few that I don’t have needles for, but those are necessary for learning new skills and because I need something to aspire to, dammit.)

More Deceased Ideas:


Only 15 items in my queue now: 

  • Seven sweaters (because I do want pretty warm things)
  • Three charts or tutorials
  • One top
  • Two shawls
  • One toy
  • One scarf