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Asker cosmic-butts Asks:
The photo with the cat and the floor tiles about the magic eraser reminded me, I was shopping the other week and I'm pretty sure they make Magic Eraser mops, too. But maybe that wouldn't be as easy to use compared to a little elbow grease? Hmmm.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Magic Eraser mops aren’t just giant Magic Erasers. The melamine foam is mixed with something else (and the MSDS sheet wasn’t particularly helpful as to identifying that something) to keep it from disintegrating in the way that regular Magic Erasers do. In my experience, a Magic Eraser mop is no more effective than any other roller- or sponge-style mop.

Asker decentkid Asks:
Hi, I was hoping for a bit of cleaning advice. I have a plastic tray-style bottom to my shower which is pure white (or at least it's meant to be!) and it picks up dirt something fierce and looks stained really easily. I've found the only way to clean it is with cream cleanser and furious scrubbing which is really hard on my knees and back. Do you have any ideas for a way to clean it which wouldn't involve lots of scrubbing? Cheers!
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Try a Magic Eraser/melamine foam sponge.

I know you really love magic erasers, and I have some knock of versions that I'm just dying to try, but I had a question for you. Is it alright to cut them up to make them smaller and therefore last longer? I'm not gonna ruin the epic cleaning power of them, am I?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Perfectly fine. Magic Erasers are just melamine foam, which is essentially microgrit sandpaper. Cutting them will make the individual pieces break down a little faster, but not by much, and it saves the rest of the eraser. Go for it.

unfuckyourhabitat asked:

HELLO RIGHT BACK AT YOU! I’m doing really well, thanks! I’m a little jealous of your askbox party, because people mostly just ask me what to do about clogged drains (drain volcano!) or aggravating roommates (use your words!) or years of grody soap scum (Magic Eraser!). But I love that you see and acknowledge and plan around the messy house can lead to messy mood/brain thing. I’m glad you love your new place. Life is so much lovelier when you’re happy in your home.



Since I have a lot of problems with fatigue and pain, my bathroom got hella grungy. I finally got around to buying a couple of dollar store “magic erasers” and they are my life now! It’s going to take several sessions, but this has worked so well!

Asker btmsdolls Asks:
i saw a tip tonight saying you can cut up a magic eraser and toss a piece into your toilet overnight to soak off a toilet ring. do you know if that's safe for the septic?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Wisdom from my septic guy: the toilet is not a trash can. Nothing but biological matter and toilet paper should get flushed. Ever.

That said, I don’t really know how this would work. Magic Erasers are melamine foam, which act, essentially, as micro-grit sandpaper to buff away stains. I would think you’d need actual physical contact between the Magic Eraser and the ring for anything to happen. Melamine foam, while it does disintegrate, doesn’t dissolve into anything that would clean a toilet ring.

My septic guy (no, seriously, it’s a thing) is totally OK with white vinegar going into the septic system, so that’s usually what I use to clean my toilet bowl.


I used one of these for the first time today to clean my sailboat and wow. When modern society implodes in some distant future people will tell their children of the glorious golden past where there was a glistening white pad that could clean anything and all was joyous.


I used one of these for the first time today to clean my sailboat and wow. When modern society implodes in some distant future people will tell their children of the glorious golden past where there was a glistening white pad that could clean anything and all was joyous.


How I deal with writer’s block.  Also, unfucking your porous tile kitchen floor that will not get clean no matter how many times you mop it.  Turns out the answer is Magic Erasers, elbow grease, and bad pop music.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I have cleaned my kitchen floor with a Magic Eraser, one square at a time.


So I guess I’ve turned this week into “unfuck the house” week. After I cleaned the kitchen chairs I tackled the glass on the sliding door (which is now dog-nose-smeared again, but not nearly as bad as it was). Then I organized the crap under the sink; that mostly involved putting all those grocery bags into one spot.

Then the vanity hell hole was finally tackled. My sister in law actually tried to organize it once, which embarrassed the hell out of me. So yeah, it was time. And omg: Magic Erasers.

The wonderful Magic Erasers.

Gets marker off the fridge.
Gets hair dye off whatever they coated my counters with.
Gets dried up spaghetti sauce off the stove.

Its awesome. I’m going to the store to buy more.


Deep cleaned the kitchen today! Oh, the things I find fun…

This is the floor before and after the Magic Eraser. They actually let us move in with it looking like this! Way to go, Westminster!


Today:  1/2 hour + magic eraser = no more horribly scuffed up passenger side!



I KNOW, I KNOW, magic erasers are abrasive, be careful with your paint, etc., etc., BUT it was like 30 cents worth of magic eraser, versus probably hundreds of dollars at a car place, and it looks SO much better. 

Yes, absolutely be careful with your paint, micro-grit sandpaper, etc. etc., but I had paint transfer from where some asshole hit my car, and the Magic Eraser took it right off. I absolutely, positively, do not guarantee anything if you take a Magic Eraser (very very lightly and carefully) to your car, but I’m glad it worked out for you!


Ser Bluer was like “what are those,” so I took one over to the baked on black crud on the stove and demonstrated. 

His reaction was “…WOW.” :D

And now the stove’s the cleanest it’s been since we moved in.


Dear UfYH, hiya, I'm the brother of go-vrrr. I asked her this question, and she suggested I just ask you directly: I've seen you tout the wonders of Magic Erasers, and I want to get some myself. The issue is that all I have available around locally is what amounts to a store brand variant. Are they to be just as good, or should I actually go for name-brand and eat the extra cost? (on an additional note, where do folks find them 2 for $1? I can't find them for any cheaper than $2.30 a 2-pack)
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Typically, the generic is pretty indistinguishable from the name brand. I actually usually get the Target generic. Melamine foam is melamine foam. I think people find them at the dollar store sometimes; I’ve never seen them at mine, but I know they exist.

Usual warnings: melamine foam is a mild abrasive, so it can remove paint and finishes, wear gloves, and don’t eat it.


…unless you care about the complete amazingness that is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

I’ll put my gushing about cleaning supplies after the jump, for anyone who’s interested.

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Melamine foam is awesome.

One of us left a box of cling wrap next to our drying rack, where unbeknownst to us it spent some time sitting in a puddle, and the label transferred onto our crappy countertop. I’d had something similar happen to a painted coffee table when I was a kid and my mom had never been able to get it off, so I was worried, and my girlfriend reported that it was coming off very slowly and only with extreme effort. Then I tried melamine foam, also known as a Magic Eraser—and poof! Gone.

It was so satisfying I took a video. Because I can’t be the only one who enjoys the occasional clip of super-effective cleaning.