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Heya! Your website/app have helped me so much! I was wondering, do you have a favourite cleaning playlist or have any suggestions? If this was posted elsewhere, please tell me! I couldn't find it on my own.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I personally use a Pandora station that’s a weird mix of Beyonce, David Bowie, The Pixies, The Roots, Robyn, and random ’80s pop, but I know there are a lot of good playlists floating around. Check out the music tag (and check the comments, too). A lot of people have put together great playlists.


I cannot clean without music. I need the music to drown out all the excuses I can come up with for not cleaning. It seems like I just happen to be bouncing around and singing (with vinegar and paper towels in my hands, natch) and BAM! shit gets unfucked! it’s magic, I tell you. I thought I’d share some of my favorite cleaning music with you guys in case anyone is looking for something to clean to:

Credence Clearwater Revival- my mom used to put on CCR for Saturday morning cleaning; I loved that time because we’d sing and have fun and cleaning didn’t seem like such a chore. CCR takes me back there and makes the cleaning seem easier.

Joy to the World, Three Dog Night- it just makes me happy.

Come Together, A Hard Day’s Night, Eight Days a Week, The Beatles- they’re so much fun to bounce to.

Aquarium by Aqua- this album has a bit of a fast pace, but goddamn, it takes me back to junior high and makes me smile. Especially Dr. Jones and Barbie Girl.

Everybody Loves Me, OneRebulic- it makes me want to strut. strutting while cleaning makes things 15.4% cleaner.

Spider Webs, Excuse Me Mr, Hey You, Just a Girl, Sixteen, Sunday Morning, Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt- These are all from the Tragic Kingdom album, and they make me move. 

Mama Tried, Daddy Frank, Merle Haggard; I walk the line, Get Rhythm, A Boy Named Sue, Johnny Cash; You Ain’t Woman Enough, Fist City, Rated X, Loretta Lynn- Yes. I love old country music.

Rumor Has It, Adele; Pushover, Etta James; Fun house, so What, Raise your Glass, P!nk- because I love the ladies with attitude.

Eye of The Tiger, Heat of the Moment, Smoke On The Water, Renegade, Back in Black, You ain’t Seen Nothing Yet- what do all these songs have in common, besides being awesome? They all appear on the Supernatural soundtrack. and they make me feel like a bad ass demon hunter when I clean. COME ON YOU BASTARD DUST DEMONS, HAVE SOME VINEGAR. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, HUH? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (yes, i might be obsessed. I’m aware.)

this isn’t a full list because I like a lot of different stuff and my cleaning list is about 4 hours long, but these are the ones I seem to listen to the most. these get me motivated and help me get around all the excuses in my head. and anything that makes cleaning fun and less of an obstacle is pure gold.

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Asker barlowjk Asks:
UFYH, I think you should make us an unfucking playlist. Oh shit, does this mean I have to do it myself now?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I think you just answered your own question. Check the music tag under “frequently used tags,” a bunch of people have put together playlists, but we always welcome more contributions!

err i just tried what i suggested and it was tricky, but i found a way to bypass not being allowed to send links in asks- here ya go! grooveshark [DOT COM] /playlist/F1+2010/59029023
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My UnF*ckYourHabitat Playlist so far. Needs more. Suggestions open.

Ooh, I love playlists!


So I saw this and decided that my ears could use some lovely soundtracks to listen to while doing my unfucking. Here’s what I came up with:

KPop and such 20/10  21 minutes, 17 seconds long. Get it here!

Let’s Go Faraway -Sowelu 4:15

Rewrite -Asian Kung-Fu Generation 3:47

Realize -Nami Tamaki 4:43

I Will -Sowelu 4:13

Sakura Drops -Utada Hikaru 4:59

DDR 20/10  22 minutes, 4 seconds long. Get it here!

Blue Impluse -Naoki feat. Yuki 1:38

Still In My Heart -Naoki 1:40

Can’t Stop Falling In Love -Naoki 1:36

Cowgirl -Bambee 3:22

If You Were Here -Jennifer 3:38

True love -Jun 1:38

My Only Shining Star -Naoki feat. Becky Lucinda 1:39

Dream A Dream -Captain Jack 3:38

Heaven (techno) -DJ Sammi & Yanou 3:55

DDR 20/10 2 28 minutes, 1 second long. Get it here!

Stomp To My Beat -JS16 4:14

Break Down! -Be4U 1:44

Look To The Sky -SySF feat. Anna 2:28

Look At Us Now -Sarina Paris 3:22

Higher (Next morning Mix) -NM feat. Sunny 1:35

Kind Lady -Okuyatos 1:32

Dark Black Forest -Steve Rhyner 3:22

Bumble Bee -Bambee 3:17

Butterfly (DDR Long Version Remix) -Smile.DK 6:27

I like to listen to happy, fast music while cleaning, but I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Next time, maybe some rock or alternative playlists?


with a little bump n grind

I certainly don’t think so. I usually clean dancing around like a maniac. I figure I can workout and clean up at the same time. 

I made some playlists for 20/10s on grooveshark that include a variety of different music. 

You should be able to find them here.

Dirty Dance 20/10

Bump N Grind    R.Kelly 414

Remix to Ignition   R.Kelly  309

In those jeans    Genuwine 403

Nice and slow      Usher 348

Red light special   TLC  346

20/10 Playlist 1 

This is 18.5 minutes, not quite up to par, maybe for a day when you’re really struggling.

MGMT                          Electric Feel              

Ke$ha                          Your love is my drug    

Oh Sanders                   The state of disorder   

Colby Callait                  Brighter than the sun   

Foster the People           Pumped up kicks  

Madonna 20/10   

This one is a bit over 20. You won’t care while you’re vogue-ing with your steam mop.

Like a prayer 

Open your heart 

Material girl  



Theater Geek 20/10 

Another one that is just over time at 23, but some of the songs include talking or whatnot. I am not good enough to edit/upload.

La vie boheme from RENT (not the movie)  

30/90  from Tick, Tick…BOOM 

Defying Gravity from Wicked

All that Jazz from Chicago

Does anyone else have any other kick ass play lists? I like to switch it off a lot. 

UfYH playlist time!

Asker elisevc Asks:
Your blog is crazy motivating and also has lots of cleaning tips I did not know about, so thank you! One thing I did today while I was on my "10s" in the 20/10s was make a spotify playlist for 20/10s. There is about 20 minutes of fun and vulgar pop music for picking up and cleaning and then 10 minutes or so of quieter music for hanging out on the internet or whatever. It is called UfYH 20/10s, and I think I published it publicly (I am new to this "spotify" thing). So just, y'know, FYI.
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(Fanmail is such a pain to answer in a post. Thanks, Tumblr, for another barely useful function!)

Anyhoodle. When I’m doing serious cleaning, I put on a Pandora mix of ’80s and ’90s pop and dance music, with a generous serving of Beyonce, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, and Run DMC mixed in. Everyone’s different, though, and what motivates me might not be what motivates you. I know Team UfYH loves to talk music, so I’ll open this up to answers, too.

Team UfYH, what’s your favorite music to unfuck to?


I am feeling better today. Still sleepy, but not nearly as mind-wiped as I was yesterday. Amazing what a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep can do for you.

So, continuing my un-fuckening posts, this task hails from June 2011.

I have a lot of CDs. Specifically, I have a lot of CD cases. In 2005/2006, someone broke into my car and stole two CD wallets. I lost in the neighborhood of 60-80 CDs total. A lot of the cases you see here I no longer had the CD for. This little bookshelf is under a window in the dining area behind the dining table. It was kind of an invisible corner, especially since I had most of the music I listened to on a regular basis already ripped into Itunes.



So, my project for June was to go through all my CD cases, putting them into a database as I went, so I could figure out what I had, what I was missing, and what I might want back again.

Here is a during shot. I sorted by genre, then by artist. Then input it into the database, and then put the CD and/or the cover booklet into one of those 320 CD wallets.


Look at that! I reclaimed an entire shelf. (You can see the big CD wallet over on the left there.) I have since gotten another one of the cases, and had done all but one of the silver tins worth of CDs. The rest got sorted through on Monday, and are just waiting to go in the wallet. But that’s going to require me cleaning off the kitchen table first.

I don’t have pictures of it, but in Jan 2012, having gotten another 3 CD wallets, I went through most of the remaining CDs, and all of my DVDs. We have those chest-high rolling trash cans for recycling here, I filled one of them up with the detritus from the DVDs. It was fun (and there’s so much ROOM in my media cabinet!)

On a funny side note, when I was looking for how to easily make the rounded corners on photos, because I’d seen it elsewhere and liked the effect, one of the tutorials noted it made the pictures look “so modern” and I had to laugh. I was looking for how to do the effect because I remember all the photos my parents and grandparents had when I was a kid all had rounded corners, so it was a nostalgic feeling, rather than a “modern” one.


Music to clean your house to.  Divided into three sets of 20/10s.

Inspired by Unfuck Your Habitat.

You guys never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness. Bookmarking this!

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Asker isopod Asks:
I thought of ufyh when I saw that NPR has put their Ultimate NPR Workout Mix on spotify. A whole big playlist of motivating, uptempo music seems perfect for unfucking! There's a link on npr's homepage now.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Ooh, here it is!

When it comes to unfucking a room, do you suggest that, while you're cleaning and everything, you should have things, like the TV or a radio, on? Would they be too much of a distraction? Or should they only be on between your 20 minute unfucking periods?
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I pretty much always clean to music. It makes the time go by faster, and I get a little cardio in with the dancing. TV is fine, I think, as long as it’s not something you’re so invested in that you’ll abandon your cleaning to sit down and pay attention to. I’m a fan of various Pandora stations for cleaning purposes (like Dance Pop radio, and the Beyonce station quick mixed with the David Bowie station), but yeah, music is key.

Not really a playlist, but I like to listen to battle music from movie soundtracks. It makes you feel epic while you clean.
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Asker unpocalypse Asks:
Any unfuckers want to share their unfuckery soundtracks? There are some awesome ones under the "cleaning" tag on 8tracks, and cause I'm an orchestra geek I'm cleaning to Glinka's Russlan and Ludmilla Overture, cause it makes me feel Christmassy and I can't not get up and do stuff when it's on.
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Playlists, people! Whatcha got?