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Today, I cleaned my room in under an hour.



I really pride myself in my ability to acquire so many knick-knacks and little special momentos and make them all look like they belong. We’re moving this year, and I’m at college, so I won’t really get to enjoy my room for much longer. But atleast this will make my last week here before I leave for school again well worth it.

habitat: unfucked.


I ‘ve been working here and there on cleaning up the house but didn’t really make a big effort until yesterday.  I decided to begin in the bedroom - the place I’m supposed to be able to relax in at the end of the day.  How am i supposed to relax in the midst of this? 

Three 20/10s later the crap has been put away and the desk has been removed because it was only serving as a holding spot for everything I’m too lazy to put away.  Aaahhhh so much better!  


The front room was a dumping ground when we moved in here a couple weeks ago.

While the rest of the house was coming together, this room was taunting me. 

This was last weekends progress. The desk was $25 on craigslist, and being metal, it took my husband, my roommate and me to wrestle it into the house. Luckily this is the front room.

Today it’s finished:

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I put the UFYH nighttime list (modified a bit for my lifestyle~) on paper to put next to my bed! Now I don’t have an excuse. :) Hooray for a cleaner and more organized school year!

This is awesome!


I unfucked my kitchen a week and a half ago, but I didn’t get around to taking after pictures until today.


Kitchen Before (0)

The liquid measure in the middle of the floor was 1:1 water and vinegar which I heated in the microwave - I had had the windows open and my downstairs neighbor was smoking -_-;

Kitchen Before (1)


Kitchen After (0)

The crockpot is out because it’s in use.  The shelf isn’t perfect (I haven’t dealt with the middle-right’s shoebox of assorted objects), and I still have the pile of boxes/etc which I might use for crafting purposes.  Worry not, they will be discarded reasonably quickly if not used from this point.

Kitchen After (1)

Bonus: I organized one of my cabinets!  Happy spices, contained baking supplies, and orderly vitamins/etc.

Kitchen After (bonus)

Not pictured: fridge and pantry were both unfucked as well.

Remaining cabinetry and drawers are not pared down or particularly pretty, but they’re not horribly bogged down with unnecessary stuff either.  I may give them an unfucking when everything else is in lovely order.  Thanks for helping me to get my ducks in a row, UfYH!


Living room status: unfucked!

That green rocking chair has had a pile of crap on it for MONTHS - since just after my 3.5 month old baby was born. It was actually making me depressed every time I looked at it, but I haven’t done anything about it until now.

Now the couch looks decent, we actually have a chair to sit in, and I have all my money for rent amalgamated in a stack under my wallet ready to deposit next time I leave the house. Wooo! also, bonus dog photobomb.