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I’ve been following the awesome Tumblr blog, Unfuck Your Habitat, for a loooong time. I even bought the app a while back but I hadn’t done anything about my room. I originally was putting off cleaning my room until my fall semester was over and then I just continued to put it off. My depression and anxiety didn’t help matters. It just kept feeling overwhelming. Well, today I started unfucking my room. I had my friend/roommate come into my room to keep my company while I cleaned and I started up the UfYR app which timed my 20/10’s (20 minutes cleaning and then a 10 minute break) and put in the first of the two movies we watched while I cleaned (We watched Howl’s Moving Castle and Tangled, in case anyone wants to know). I didn’t get nearly everything done but what I did get done makes it look a lot better and it makes me feel good too! 

Pictures after the cut:

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I’m not going to say this was easy. I’ve been putting off cleaning my bedroom for…oh, probably six months now. It got to the point where it was so dirty that I slept in my living room for weeks at a time. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore, and started cleaning. I spent several afternoons over the past few weekends working on it, and it’s finally done.

Really though, I can’t put into words how much of a relief it is to finally have this room clean. Thanks to UFYH for the inspiration and awesome iPhone app. :)

You can also see my unfucked living room here, and my unfucked kitchen here!


I’m not a tidy person, really. Even though I love to make lists and I love having deadlines and stuff like that, I am abysmally untidy. Not disorganised, necessarily - I know where everything is! - but my organisation tends to involve having things in piles. Since moving from an entire flat into the (admittedly very large) upstairs bedroom of my grandmother’s house (hurray for being poor!), it’s been even worse as I have a lot of stuff to cram into a small space.

Today I decided that, fuck it, I was going to tidy up a bit.






Clothes get piled everywhere. Mugs get collected. Bits of paper and notebooks accumulate and breed. Books… well, I don’t have bookshelves to I have makeshift ones. They’re staying.



A tidy table area! I can put my laptop on it! (Still need to clean the fishtank.)


My bed is made!


A tidy bedside table! A made-up guest bed!


A clear floor, so I can see the Ugliest Rug In The World! I need to hoover the carpet but the hoover is broken so… yeah. I’ll borrow one.



So, it was the day after Fall Finals, and after ten or eleven long weeks of ignoring the beast of my room, I finally allowed myself to sort of face the collective mess and just reality in general:

My room wasn’t just a sty, my room was completely and totally fucked. 

There’s a lot of pictures coming, so I’ve put the rest of the story and the fucked-room evidence under a fancy little cut.

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The invisible corner…

The top of the medicine cabinet had turned into a dumping ground for basically everything. About 30 min later I could finally see the top of the cabinet again! I threw out a lot of little pieces of paper and am donating several items I just don’t use anymore (most of which I thought I had already gotten rid of). 


I’m pretty stuck lately in terms of motivation. Can’t seem to get anything done. Don’t want to leave my house. Just want to fuck around on the internet. Caught myself thinking yesterday that I was adding meat to my scrambled eggs “to fool myself into feeling like food is appealing,” which seems like a pretty good sign that I’m in a down spell. My anxiety has been pretty high for the last couple days as well.

I need to get shit done.

I have a to-do list.

If I were to post it, would anyone be willing to maybe “click” me when I check off an item (any reinforcement ranging from “yay!” to idk a cute pic or gif or something)?

If that’s too much to ask (it seems a little silly now I look at it and I’m kind of embarrassed), just some beginning of the day encouragement would not go amiss.



Accountability buddy needed in Aisle 1! Drop matchbook-stories an ask if you can help out!


I moved into this apartment about a year ago. We moved cross-country for me to work on my PhD and downsized from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment. In some ways it’s better, because the layout is more efficient and the closets are bigger, but the loss of the 3rd bedroom means we still have boxes in our dining room that we can’t unpack because we don’t have anywhere to put what’s in them, our good china is still in boxes, and I have no room for my craft stuff. I tend to pile things on top of the boxes which just makes it look worse.

I do okay with keeping on top of things but not so much lately, so I did a string of 45/15s today in the kitchen and dining room. I hate that I still have boxes in the dining room, but I can’t do much about that right now except make the pile of boxes neat and go through a box every few days or so.


And now the dining room is completely unfucked with the last 2 parts, the table and coffee bar!

Before and After Table:

Just stuff we are taking to a party tonight. :D

Before and After Coffee Bar:

Whew! Now to tackle the bedroom. Fun!


Confession: I followed Unfuck Your Habitat for a week before I started cleaning. I even showed it to friends who needed it much more than I do. For some reason, this reasoning had me sitting comfortably while I was not only ignoring my own chaos, but carelessly adding to it. Their mess might have been the equivalent of a nuclear apocalypse, but I was still WWII. So, I finally got around it this morning. Reorganized my closet, put my clothing back where it belongs and cleaned the floor. Also took care of my desk, which is not pictured here.
I feel a lot better, not gonna lie.


So I don’t have pictures or anything, but last night I spent minutes cleaning the junk off my kitchen counter while I was cooking! The dishes still need doing, but it looks much better already. I’m also back to my policy of doing one thing every single time I get up, even if it’s just take one can to the can bag in each hand. Maybe I can’t breathe, but if I can get up, I can do something to work towards bettering my environment. I can’t wait for my air purifier to get here. *_* I’ll be kicking ass!

Hooray for an air purifier! You’ll be breathing clearly again soon!


I’m on a major unfucking of our condo spree. Tonight I worked on our dining room area.


We have a seriously crazy amount of board games.

And I have a serious amount of books and papers. 


Wooo! Took me two 20/10s to get all that done. Board games and books are now segregated. All I have left to do of the room is the dining room table (which is horrifyingly cluttered now) and the coffee/tea bar/wine rack. 


So, I was fanmailing with Hearts, as one does, and saying how I should be starting work on a story that has a deadline in just over two weeks, but instead I was cleaning, which matociquala calls “displacement activity.”

But the kitchen floor really did need to get cleaned. I said, “I’m sure you were just being too polite to mention how gross it was when you visited last month.”

And she said “It never occurred to me to notice the state of your kitchen floor.”

Because I was brought up to believe, as I suspect a lot of people were, that I should be very, very ashamed to let visitors see a less-than-spotless house.

My mother was good at tidy. I am not good at tidy.

I know how to CLEAN things — mopping and dusting and vacuuming and bathtub-scrubbing are not foreign concepts to me — but getting the clutter off everything so I CAN clean? 

Nobody ever taught me how to do that.

I swear it started in childhood, when my mother would say “clean your room” and not explain all the little sub-tasks that involved, and I’d look at the unholy mess I’d created with craft projects and clothing and toys and books and my brain would seize up.

It still does.

This is why I love Unfuck Your Habitat, because it DOES break things down into smaller tasks that have a defined beginning and end.

And the app (you should TOTALLY get the app if you have some sort of iDevice) is PERFECTLY suited to my ADHD-inattentive brain: if I’m not in hyperfocus mode, my attention span is about 20 minutes long. And that’s how long it has you spending on a task before you get a break!

And it has alarms, and you can unlock achievements, and generally it’s a shiny motivational tool and it is totally worth $1.99.


note to regular followers: feel free to skip this, unless you’re legitimately really interested in a boring photo montage of cleaning my room

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ever since my sister went to ole miss, I moved into her room. why? mine hadn’t been cleaned weeks prior to that (she left for college about a month ago) and I’ve been just too adhfjgkg to clean mine (pain and depression are great.) the only thing that got cleaned it in was the animal cages. but I started reading UfYH and got mad inspired to get my ass in gear and get stuff done. I took a lot of their suggestions (natural cleaners! taking breaks!) and am very pleased with the results.

I haven’t shared pictures of my room in about 9 months (I checked) so I think I’m due for a before and after! a lot of (biggish) pictures below.

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(This was actually a few days ago, but I never got around to posting it. Ignore if you don’t care about me cleaning my room, which is likely all of you.)

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