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//Can this be published anon?// I just need some encouragement. I came home from a six-week trip to find that a housemate’s hoarding has escalated from clean to filth, and my room, the room I’d left meticulously crisply clean was so thickly infested with fleas that just to step in there was to pick up 20-30 visible on my feet and ankles. With the hoard at an all-time height, all I could do was flea-bomb the whole place. Cleaning beyond that isn’t possible. I’ve been crying for almost 24 hours.

First and foremost, anon, this situation sucks, and you’re totally justified in being upset and I’m really sorry you’re dealing with it.

If your housemate’s mess is in your room, as in a room that contained only your things, a room in which you had an expectation of privacy and respect for your belongings, you are well within your rights to remove the mess by any means you deem appropriate. I normally do not recommend dealing with hoarding in that way, as it can be harmful to the hoarder’s mental health, but : A) you need to protect your own health, both mentally and physically, B) if the house was clean when you left, had been clean up to that point, and deteriorated that quickly while you were gone, then your housemate most likely does have ways of dealing with their hoarding that they stopped using when you left, and C) you have the right to have your own personal space be flea-free. If the mess is in shared spaces, you have the right to a clean and pest-free living area, especially if you left it that way. Either way, it needs to be dealt with, and your housemate needs to take some responsibility.

If you haven’t already, you need to have a conversation with your housemate and find out what she’s planning to do to undo both the mess and the flea situation. Pests of any kind that result from one person’s mess are unacceptable in a shared living situation, and the person responsible has to be accountable for it.

I’m very sorry you have to deal with this. It sucks, but you can get through it.

[Just a note: every time I answer a question like this, there are always a ton of notes that say “just move!” Real life is rarely that easy, and “just moving” is not a feasible solution for many people. Yes, if that’s an option, sometimes it’s the best one to take, but often it’s not, so people who are in these situations need specific, helpful advice for the situation they’re actually in, not the dismissive ideal of “just move!”]


Ask UfYH: Roommate Negotiations


Q: So, I’m moving in with my significant other in about six months. I haven’t had a roommate since college (a couple decades ago) and this is a very new type of experiment for us both. We are lucky to have almost identical levels of slobbiness, but I’m wondering if there is a FAQ on how-to-unfuck-your-new-roommate-situation somewhere. I expect we will hash out how we divide chores and such, but…

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This week’s Ask UfYH. Good for people who live with other people!

I have a problem that's making my life miserable/preventing me from unfucking. I moved into our apartment and was supposed to be sharing my bedroom with someone, who had not cleaned it in two months. Upon moving in, I did the best I could cleaning. We have now kicked said person out, but his shit is still EVERYWHERE and I haven't been able to unpack for 3 weeks because I want to be able to clean first when all of his shit is gone. I'm living in filth and out of my suitcases. Help.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Give this person a firm date to get their shit out of your space. Make it soon. If he doesn’t do it by then, box it up and get it the hell out of your room. (I won’t advocate any particular course of action as to what to do with it, but just make it gone.)

Then go to town on the room, clean up, TAKE BREAKS, and reclaim the space. But your first step needs to be getting his shit out of there. 

Asker dermickster Asks:
I'm not sure if this has been covered before so I'm sorry if this is an annoying repeat, but I live with 3 other people in a small townhouse. I try to do dishes when I can (full-time post secondary student), but it doesn't seem to make a difference in the shared space. For example, I'll do dishes before I head to class, but by the time I'm home there are more in the sink. Other than just asking the roommates to help out, what can I do? (Our schedules don't necessarily sync either.)
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

#1 rule of living with other people: use your words. Sit down with your roommates. Try to avoid a note; no matter what your intentions are, it’ll always come across as passive-aggressive. Talk about the dish situation. Come up with ideas as a group. Try to reach some consensus.

As time goes on, ask for help. Use your words. Aside from padlocking everything, it’s the only tactic that both A) has a chance of working, and B) recognizes that everyone in the household is an adult with a life and the ability to communicate with one another.

I have a house mate who's room looks similar to some of the people's places on your blog. she clearly needs help. how do i help her to clean her room and keep it clean and stop hoarding all the dishes in her room, like she's the only one who uses them? she doesnt even have to do the dishes, we have a dishwasher!!! why do you think someone would do this?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Well, I think someone would do this for any number of reasons. She may have grown up in a house where she was never taught how to maintain a clean living environment. She may be depressed or have another health issue. She might be preoccupied with other things and not realize she has all the dishes. It could be any number of things.

With roommates (as with spouses, children, significant others, and anyone else you share your living space with), my #1 rule is: USE YOUR WORDS. Ask for help. Ask her to bring the dishes into the kitchen so the dishwasher can get run. If it’s a serious issue, sit down and have an honest conversation. Try to keep the judgment out of it. Ask if she needs help getting her room clean, or some tips on how to keep it that way. Tell her about 20/10s, and have her do a few with you.

Above all else, avoid being passive-aggressive. This accomplishes nothing, except further annoying you, and possibly setting off a spite reaction in which she does less than she’s doing now. Have a conversation. Hell, show her this site. But don’t let it stew any longer. Just talk to her.

I apologize in advance for this being super long. [This was going to be a post that’s why it looks like it does]

I just can’t keep this shit up right now. I just can’t. I want to clean so bad. I want everything to smell nice and be pretty, but I can’t! At this moment I live with my mom, sister, and niece until I save enough to buy my own place. I work at night and I barely wake up in the morning.

I can clean and scrub and unfuck the shit out of my place. Only to come home to a massive pile up. I set goals. Yesterday I cleaned my kitchen before work. I mean sparkling goodness. I wake up to see spills, food out, cabinets left open, dishes piled to the fucking ceiling. I JUST cleaned up the day before… WHAT THE FUCK!?!

I have tasks set for the dining room, laundry, and living room. ALL COMMON AREAS. But I don’t want to clean it if its just going to get messed up in a couple of hours.

I talked to my sister, who does not work or go to school, about cleaning up while no one is home or picking up after herself and her baby. “I’m watching my baby. I can’t leave her or she’ll cry. She always has to be near me or she’ll cry. She takes up so much of my time.” Every time I see my sister with her kid she is not even paying her attention. On her phone talking or texting or emailing or on the computer on Facebook. Not next to the baby and she is not crying.

I talk to my mom about cleaning up after herself. It’s always, “Oh I’m sorry. I’ll do it.” or “Oh I’m just about to do the dishes.” That doesn’t get done. I can understand my mom works 12 hour days (she’s a nurse), but if you decide to make yourself some damn tea and eggs before bed… CLEAN UP THE SPILLS AND THE POT YOU USED! At least put the damn pot in the sink man!

I tried to do those one to two minute conversations and in the end I’m the only one cleaning. They know I have depression (but I’ve been getting better). THEY KNOW HOW ANAL I AM. But they just don’t fucking care. I can’t even have my own room clean because I come home at 2am and I see hair all in my bathroom sink and floor (not mine), baby clothes, my bed is unmade, there baby items in my bed, things are misplaced, my hair items are thrown everywhere, my clothes are all gone.

I can’t even have my own personal space. I got up to clean just now. I started the laundry, sprayed down the kitchen counter while waiting for the water to load, came back to start putting clothes in and I just fucking cracked.

I mean I went full on sobbing tears. I’m still crying. I’m just so fucking upset. I can’t take it. I feel like a failure because I can’t maintain my apartment and its not even my fault. Then I feel like I’m making excuses. I don’t know what the fuck to do. I just want to be removed from all this shit.

Any advice from you or any of your followers?

(Copy/pasted because fanmail is impossible to answer easily.)

First, declare your room off-limits. Close the door. Get a lock if you have to. You should have one spot that’s your refuge in all this.

Second, give this a quick read: "How do I keep the place clean when no one will help me?"

Third, when you see your sister not busy, and there’s a mess she helped create that needs dealing with, ask her. Say, “Can you please come wash these dishes from your lunch? I’ll keep an eye on the baby while you do.”

Finally, accept that in a situation in which you live with other people, you lose a fair amount of control. Keep on top of what you have control over, and try to let go a little about the things you don’t.

any tips on what to do about a significant other who is a huge slob? my boyfriend just leaves his clothes on the floor no matter what and never cleans up after himself. he doesn't like me to clean up after him though. so basically i am stuck with his huge mess in our room all the time but i can't clean it up or he gets mad. suggestions?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I often say you can’t change someone else’s behavior, but boyfriend needs to unfuck his attitude. It’s one thing for him to not be actively cleaning, it’s another for him to impede you from having a livable home. Get a few laundry baskets and designate them for his stuff. Tell him that. As you clean, his stuff goes in the baskets and then gets left alone. If he doesn’t like it, he can clean up his own clothes.

You have the right to live in a clean and comfortable environment.

This is more of a difficult situation,as it's mostly out of my hands, but y'all give wonderful advice so I figured I'd shoot. I enjoy cleaning and living in an uncluttered space (though personal issues often make it impossible), but I have a roommate situation in which the individual a) is an extreme hoarder and b) owns most of what's in the house. I can't throw out her stuff, but she makes it worse when I say anything. I don't have time or energy to constantly be re-cleaning- what do I do?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Keep what is yours and what can reasonably be considered common areas clean, and make peace with the fact that you share space with a hoarder. You can certainly try to have constructive conversations about the mess, but ultimately, it’s not your stuff, and hoarders can’t and shouldn’t be pushed into action, and getting rid of stuff without their consent and buy-in is about the worst thing you can do in a hoarding situation.

You do deserve to live in a clean and comfortable environment, though, so perhaps a conversation about what is considered “shared space” is in order, so you have clear parameters about what you can and can’t touch. And I don’t know your situation, but it may be time to start looking into a new living situation.


When I say that my roommate needs to do some unfucking, I mean it

her stuff is now covering MY DESK as well (mine is the one in the first photo, hers is in the second), and I have a tiny patch of floor in front of my bed that’s mine

everything from one desk to the other is her territory

my space is maybe 2 feet across and is the clear-cut way to the door

the area between my dresser and the microwave has also been claimed for her makeup and hair products, which are also spilling onto my dresser

When I wrote to UfYH asking what to do, I meant that I seriously needed some help.  I can’t touch her stuff for fear of her freaking out about it, but I can’t live with this mess anymore.  I can’t even reach the drawers of my desk!

I know you can’t influence someone else’s habits, but this is ridiculous.

I’m going to ask what is probably a stupid question, but I had a series of roommates with varying levels of success, and most of our problems could have been averted in one easy way: have you talked frankly and honestly (and not passive-aggressively) to her about it and asked her to keep her stuff confined to her areas? If not, you really need to do so.

If you have, then that’s another story. Your desk, your dresser, your bed, half of your room. Everything that’s hers that is in that space, neatly and carefully put it in her space. (The neatly and carefully part so she can’t get mad about you touching her stuff, even though it’s in your space.) Repeat as necessary. And count the hours until you can get a new roommate.

I live with my mother in a two-floor duplex. She's a hoarder, so every room but my own is filled to the brim with her stuff. My room has to hold three very large bird cages that currently fill the closet (which I've removed the door to) and out into the room proper. Even after putting almost all my possessions in storage, I don't have the room for a bed, my desk, or clothes outside of what I need for work. Help?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Oof, this is tough. I’m sure you know, because you live it, that you just can’t go through and clean out a hoarder’s house. But you live there, too, so there’s a really precarious balance between what is her space filled with her stuff, and what space you need in order to live your life. As it stands right now, you don’t have the space in order to live your life.

Can you talk to your mother about this at all? Maybe see if she’d be open to a discussion of relocating the birds to another room (which would have to be somewhat unfucked)? Or if she can relinquish control of another room so that you have room for what you need? Because, in all honesty, not allowing you to have the space for a bed or desk or clothes is grossly unfair to you. And you may need to point that out in a way that doesn’t provoke defensiveness, and you need to make sure that conversation contains a solution that isn’t going to make her instinctively recoil from any hope of a fair answer.

This is tough, but you need to talk to your mother. You need to have a frank conversation and tell her you need more livable room, and you need to provide a few alternative solutions and have her work with you on picking one.

Good luck, and please keep me posted.

wapaskarna asked you:

what do you do if you like to keep places looking organised and clean but the person you live with has bad habits (emptying bags on tables and leaving things, getting irritated when you suggest cleaning) ? It seems for every time I clean I come back and its worse.

Finally unfucked the kitchen surfaces and that disgusting drawer in the fridge! But my housemates seem to be incapable of wiping up after themselves no matter how many times I try and mention it tactfully, any tips for dealing with that?

OK, combining these two asks because this comes up a lot. Here’s a fact of life that applies not only to UfYH, but to everything else as well:

You cannot change anyone’s behavior but your own.

The end. Full stop. Is this infuriating? Absulutely. Exasperating? Sure thing. But this is a little like trying to make someone else diet: you can’t make their personal decisions for them. The best you can do is sit down and have a frank talk. “I’m going to be trying to keep the place a little cleaner. It would be great if you want to pitch in. Is it OK if I put your stuff in [this out of the way place] as I go?” This way, you’ve:

  • informed them of your intentions
  • asked for buy-in if they want/can
  • let them know their shit will not get in your way

In extreme cases, I’m not above putting their dirty dishes in a bucket in their room, but as far as clutter and nonsense, designate a box or basket, and do your thing. Do not get passive-aggressive. That has never changed anyone’s behavior for the better. Just do what you’re going to do, and with any luck, shame will get their ass in gear.

Just got back after being away for a week and my flat is as bad as it was before I unfucked anything (remember those awful before pictures?). Everything we own is in the sink slowly going mouldy, the living area looks like a bomb hit it, the bathroom is filthy. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS ANY MORE. I've had 'the chat' with my flatmate so many times I have genuinely lost count, but it's still me that does 100% of the cleaning here. Advice? Seriously. A week. How do you even get that messy in a WEEK.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:


This is really difficult. Because, as we know, we can’t change anyone’s behavior but our own. Which REALLY REALLY sucks when someone else’s behavior is burying you in filth. If you’ve had the chat a million times, I don’t know how else you can get through to your flatmate.

To be honest, this is probably the point where I’d draw a chalk line down the middle of the apartment, but that only works in sitcoms and cartoons. I still think honesty is best, “I worked really hard to clean this place up before I left, and I got back and it was worse than before. I understand if you’re not into helping me clean, but can you please at least try not to make things worse?” And then put all the dirty dishes on her (his?) bed.

noromance asked you:

I’m terrified of unfucking my room! I’m a burlesque dancer and have tons of sewing material, costumes and props everywhere. Half of my room is unreachable, and the last time I tried to unfuck the place it took me two days and I only got the half of the room I use done. I can’t afford to buy any storage boxes that look cute, and my costumes live in a suitcase, in total disorder. As I have almost 20 acts put together, there is a shitton of stuff in it. And no space for rehearsal. HELP?!!!

To make matters worse, my housemate is a huge slob, and constantly complains the house is gross but does nothing about it. I’m always spending $ on things to help organize, but she chooses to ignore them. Her grossness makes me unmotivated to unfuck the common areas. Aside from moving out (I’m barely done moving in - I spent august just sanding and varnishing my bedroom floors and september unboxing), do you have any advice?

OK, we have a few issues here. First is the housemate. One of the UfYH Fundamentals is that you can only change your own behavior. So if your housemate is compaining, you can say, I’m doing [x, y, and z] to make the house less gross, and it would probably make more of a difference if we were both doing it. And then just go do your do and let her do hers. I will say, if you do get motivated to do the common areas, I’m OK with moving her mess to one area, out of your way, after you’ve let her know you’ll be cleaning that area/room. It’s not passive-aggressive because you’ve at this point had several conversations laying the groundwork. Try to let go of the resentment that she’s not helping. This is about making things better for you.

Second, your stuff. You have the “more stuff than storage” issue, and it sounds like you can’t have less stuff or more storage. Maybe you need to look into different storage? Do you have vertical closet space you can utilize with one of those fabric hanging things with shelves? (I love those because they’re cheap and you can still use them like shelves, only behind a closed door.) Or how about underbed storage? Rubbermaid-type stuff is on sale everywhere right now because of New Year’s resolutiony stuff, so that might free up some room for you?

Asker kinkyturtle Asks:
My problem with roommates is that I've already told them multiple times about how I'm trying to unfuck everything (I've even talked about this blog) and they express interest/enthusiasm in helping out but then they don't and all my unfucking gets refucked and it's left on me to re-unfuck it. I don't want to be resentful or passive-aggressive but I don't know what else to do (other than just constantly re-unfucking the things that get fucked).
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Well, you get what I’ve said before: that you can’t change anyone’s behavior except your own. Beyond that, there’s only so much you can do. Roommates kind of suck. I wish I had better advice to give, but just keep doing your do and, with any luck, they’ll get on board eventually.

Asker skythrown Asks:
I woke up and tried to make tea and my stove caught on fire. Which is NOT COOL, because I just unfucked it three days ago. My roommates undo all of my work, what should I do?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

ON FIRE? Not cool at all. Was it from spilled food and stuff? Yikes.

So my deal with roommates is this: a 30-second conversation beats months of passive-aggression every time. Tell them you’re trying to keep on top of the mess, and you’d appreciate any help in not making it worse. And creating flammable situations is definitely making it worse.

My script for roommate situations: “Hey, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m trying to keep ahead if the mess around here. Any help you can give me in not making it worse would be awesome. I don’t want to mess with your stuff, so would it be OK if I put it in one specific place if I come across anything while I’m cleaning?” This way, you’re: 1) letting them know what you’re doing; 2) asking them not to undo it; 3) explaining that you don’t expect them to help; and 4) asking permission to move their stuff if it’s in your way.