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Unfucked my house today using the UFYH Weekend Challenges.  I gave it 3 good hours with a few breaks (20/10s don’t seem to work for me - I do the 20 (or 30, or 40) and then take a break and don’t go back again. Slaxxor)  for various little mini chore-things and a conference call or two. 

That said, the house looks great now.  DangerLad helped too, did the vacuuming (my #1 MOST HATED CHORE), unloaded/loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the upstairs bathroom and bathed the dog.  I still have a couple of tasks to complete, but I’m pretty pleased with how the house looks at the moment.  Aaah. 


My steam mop arrived! And just in time! (Related: I hereby give THE FINGER to fluctuating prices! It’s being offered now for noticeably less than I paid for it two weeks ago. #ANNOYED.)

Tonight, after an evening assisting my MIL in pan-frying latkes in vegetable oil, I gave the steam mop its inaugural run. Success! All the little drips of oil that were making the floor gross and slick are gone baby gone. It was wickedly simple to use and the results were exceptional. Even though I’m pretty sure I overpaid (#ANNOYED), it was worth it. I will use the shit out of this item. 

HOWEVER. I used the included steam mop “cleaning solution,” which left the room with a weird chemical clean/baby powder smell. It was unpleasant. I should have gone with my gut and just used vinegar, because… 


Let this be a lesson, UnFuckers! Vinegar forever!

Just be careful with steam mops, because many of them are designed to be used with water and only water (no additives), and using a cleaner, even vinegar, can fuck them up. If you can, distilled water is even better because it helps avoid mineral deposits and such.


So cleaning, sucks. I have a chronic disease, and sitting/standing or moving a lot is really hard to do and it hurts A LOT. So needless to say my house is a disaster area. We had a power surge earlier today, and I decided to bite the bullet and use the time to unfuck my habitat. I put all my shit where it belongs AND found out that baby wipes work GREAT to pick up dust. Under the desk still needs to be worked on, and the rest of my bedroom as well. But I’m pleased with how this turned out. My desk is clean and I’ll be able to work on my thank you cards and everything.


Unfucked the floor of my room

As you can see - pretty fucked.


See! There is floor under all that!

A washing basket, so the floordrobe doesn’t make a comeback tour.

the other side of the bed. Also unfucked!


So, my desk (where I do all my uni work, my other work, and a bit of my craft) was fucked.

But don’t just take my word for it: here’s pictorial proof.

(the right most end of it is still mostly unfucked from the last time I unfucked, which was….before the depression hit again? so maybe christmas timeish?)

And now, it looks like this:

(those upper shelves may not look like it, but they have been unfucked too!)

(on the speaker is: my iphone case(can’t be on while in the speaker), the iphone screen cover(to be applied as soon as it’s screen is clean) and the speaker remote.)

and m=one more photo of the desk (holy shit there’s desk!)

Pretty proud, not gonna lie.


So I didn’t follow any of the set break patterns, but to be honest this was a project I wanted to do and I wanted it done.

My aunts PC has been making weird noises for a while and I told her it probably needed to be cleaned. She agreed but was afraid to do anything with all the cables. So I volunteered to do it, but have been putting it off for about a week.

So while she is gone today, I took care of it.

There was so much dust it isn’t even funny.

So I got to use my fancy zipties again - the kind that you can actually unzip! They have a neat button on them that unclenches the teeth and you can remove them if you need to and reuse. I got a pack of 250 ages ago at a dollar store for $2, and they were various sizes and neon colors. I can’t pass up neon colors or organizational deals.

So I got it all done, and then vacuumed because I had gotten dust all over the floor. I even got to use some glade carpet fresh because the floor smelled like vomit :( and now it smells like a Malibu Vacation (IDK).

I wish I had taken more after pictures because there were more cords that got organized behind the TV (that I can’t get to now) and i actually mounted the spare HD inside the PC Case.

Now to either Shower or do some more of the things.

(I need an ‘organize all the things’ gif)