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Do you have any good tips for getting rid of dog smell? Since it's rather cold here, I close all windows in my apartment before I leave for work. When I come back, it always smells rather strongly of dog. I can get rid of the smell by airing the room for a while, but it's always a battle against the cold. Some of the smell remains anyway. I wash my dogs about once a month, and I'm not too keen on doing more often ;( Ideas?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

You don’t really want to wash your dogs more often than that, since too-frequent washing can lead to skin issues. Doggie smells linger on stuff: bedding, upholstery, etc., so you want to make sure that you keep all of that clean as much as possible. If your couch is fabric, use blankets that can be easily washed if the dogs sit on it. Sweep or vacuum up hair regularly, more regularly than you think is necessary.

Lighting candles (not even scented ones, the burning flame itself is the useful part) can help with odors when you’re home, and sprays and scents really just mean you have fruity-smelling dog smell. It never really makes them go away. You can always run fans to keep the air moving, and a window or exhaust fan can be really useful for this.

But, long story short (kind of), animals are stinky, and fresh air is generally the best and most effective cure.