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For those of you in the U.S. who are celebrating Thanksgiving: If you’re cooking, don’t forget to clean as you go. If you’re hosting, remember that you’re more critical about the cleanliness of your home than your guests are. If you’re a guest, be a good one and offer to help clean up.

For those of you not in the U.S.: Have a great Thursday!

For those of you for whom holidays bring less positive feelings like depression, anxiety, guilt, sadness, anger, loss, apathy, panic, hopelessness, exhaustion, helplessness, rage, or anything else you might be feeling due to institutionalized expectations for particular days that don’t match up to many people’s realities: You are not the only person feeling this. Don’t minimize your feelings or feel “bad” or “wrong” for having them. I hope you find strength and protect yourself and your emotions today, and you do whatever you need to in order to take care of yourself.


I love holidays. I start cooking, like right this fucking second I won’t stop for about six weeks. And it is amazing.

If you’re in the Thanksgiving-celebrating portion of the world, this may come in handy. And hey — it’ll work for pretty much any large gathering of people that you’ve decided to cook for.

I’m on my fourth year hosting Thanksgiving for our family (fifth if you count one I cohosted with friends). It’s also my biggest one yet: a dozen people from both my and my husband’s family. (I’m still not 100% convinced I’ll have enough food.)

Last year was by far my easiest, and it goes like this:

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Some great advice!


Ok so my kitchen is probably the worst area of my apartment.  After work I have a bad habit of just tossing the dishes in the sink or leaving them on the stove.  So I have set a goal for myself to have my entire apartment cleaned up by Thanksgiving.  This way I can have my first Thanksgiving at my place.

This is the before.  This also didn’t include the dishes that were in our spare bedroom (where we are eating right now since our kitchen table is covered).  

And the wonderful after.  It’s really dark since I only have one light above the sink right now.  It’s not 100% done, but my scrubby pad finally died on me.  The only things left are cookie sheets and some glassware. 


Also to keep this from happening again my husband and I came up with a new idea, ok well new for me.  Before every meal we will fill up one side of our sink with hot water and as we cook we toss the used dishes in the sink.  Then after dinner we wash, dry, and put away them before bed.  :)  Now to just finish the rest of the apartment!!!!!


I was amused by Pandora’s choice in tunes.

Dan took on our hall closet. I hadn’t even made that a priority because it was terrifying and I thought it was a project for a time without deadlines, but he killed it. I have a desk again. So that’s pretty nice.

All the carpeted surfaces have been vacuumed. He’s vacuuming the tile stuff prior to me mopping.

I’m breaking because vacuuming made me sweat.

I think we will keep up with things now that we’ve done a massive cleaning…I am so much happier in this space. I’m actually kind of bummed I’m going up to my Mom’s tonight (except CATS and CORNBREAD DRESSING THAT IS AWESOME and seeing some of my bffs).

SO ANYWAY. I am super thankful for Unfuck Your Habitat this year. And all the really rad people who show up on my dashboard every day—you guys are awesome. I’m thankful for Dan too, most of the time :)


I was going to cook, but we’re going to the Montage at Deer Valley instead.

They have butterscotch pots du creme. 

I think I win.

A) You definitely win

B) The Stig also wins