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After an UfYH post yesterday (or was it the day before?) informed me about how to clean an electric kettle…

The unfuckening of the electric kettle, because every time I look inside the kettle, I feel like all that limescale (from the English tap water) is going to calcify my insides. So I went to Tesco and bought a bottle of distilled white vinegar for 49p. I only used about a quarter of it, and it’s still not perfectly clean, but I didn’t even take a scrub brush to the inside of the kettle, and it’s SO much better.

I like tea a lot. I just don’t need quite that much calcium.


The unfuckening of my flat is currently in progress. I picked up a ‘magic eraser’ clone, as recommended by Unfuck Your Habitat, and tested it out on a rather gnarly lightswitch.

This took near-zero effort and about four seconds.

ABOUT FOUR SECONDS. I didn’t even have to push hard.



aka cleaning my house.

After moving home from college in May, I took up the task of cleaning my entire house out. My mom had been sick and in the hospital for a while, and my two siblings are incredibly difficult to get to help clean. And to be honest, coming home to a house that looked like it belonged on Hoarders was incredibly difficult to deal with.

For a while I didn’t even like leaving my room because all the crap that was everywhere was just too difficult to handle

Then someone I followed reblogged a post from the blog Unfuck Your Habitat. It really changed things. If you don’t follow this blog or have the app (worth every penny, trust) then you should soon if you have problems getting motivated to clean.

Using the app and all the tips on the blog, I was able to tackle all the enormous housework. I used a lot of 20/10s and did what I could and didn’t beat myself up over not being able to complete something quickly.

The house isn’t perfect, but it’s clean and pretty organized and doesn’t make me want to cry whenever I come home. So I have to give a big shout out to whomever runs UFYH, because I don’t think I could’ve done this without you.

And if anyone sees this, know that you can totally get it done! Don’t give up!


Short story: I store all my stuff in my grandparents’ shed because they live in the same town where I go to university, but because I’m going abroad, I need some of that stuff (especially my winter clothes and my three favourite stuffed animals shutupI’mtwentyyearsoldandI’llsleepwithstuffedanimalsifIfuckingwanttookay and my book of drawings and things). Unfortunately, I packed in a hurry last time, so most of the things I need are mixed up in boxes with things I don’t need. You all know what that means: ENGAGE MAXIMUM UNFUCKING. (Photos and procedure after the break.)

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So I unfucked my room (yay!) because a) I was a lazy ass yesterday and didn’t do anything productive (and therefore feel extra productive today), and b) my bedroom (which I share) is a disaster because I have things stored in all the wrong places where I have to tear apart the entire room to get at things. I also did a couple of 20/10s around the rest of the house, but it was actually mostly clean.

Photos after the jump….

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