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This was a 2 night project, because shelving books is an undertaking of epic proportions. But it’s all done now.


I love that The Husband puts away the dishes. But he literally just tosses the containers in the cabinet - despite my pleas to just leave them on the counter so I can put them away. #firstworldproblems


Before and after


So I unfucked my room the other day.

I’ll have to see if I can find the panoramic for it cause it’s pretty awesome.


I’m literally sitting here in awe of the difference only 30 minutes can make


Slaying the Jabberwockee aka the laundry monster (these are clean clothes)


Hi OK I’ve been doing this since 11 amns its 2:30 now :p


Bedroom unfucking. It gets messy in there sometimes. 3x 20/10, for vacuuming and dusting and putting away. I even sprayed my bed linen with sleeptherapy pillow mist to freshen it up before laundry day on Saturday.

Also showing off the brand new bed frame which only cost me £50 delivered. Bargain!

Redecorating of this room due in November holidays.


A mid-October, belated Thanksgiving unfucking of the shed & kitchen…

The shed may *look* neat & tidy, but that’s because (as you can see in the pic to the right, half my camping gear has been living in my kitchen for the past two+ months. 
Also? The kitchen cupboard doors were relegated to the shed when I took out the camping gear, but Mom’s coming visit next weekend, so we’re gonna paint & maybe I’ll have cupboard doors fir the first time since I moved in back in Aug’10…

Camping gear sorted, & packed. Fan, a/c, & other goodies have been bagged (the shed is *always* dirty inside. I tried vacuuming it last spring & w/in a week everything had a fine layer of dirt on it again), & it’s all been neatly put away!
Of course, the kitchen cupboard doors have been moved indoors for next weekend’s painting project!


Still unfucking the kids’ room


I cleaned my room.

3 45/15s with about an extra 15 minutes tacked on to the last one because I was ALMOST THERE.


Much better


I spent a 20/10 unfucking my kitchen table. It feels good!


Submission for unfuckyourhabitat. This was done Thursday morning. I get up everyday at 5:45am to write and on thursday I just couldn’t take it anymore.

This was one 20/10 done at 6:30am before I went to work. I realized that day that while I was technically up and awake, I wasnn’t getting any work done with aall of the books and sticky notes everywhere. Plus, I thought I saw a bug. Eew.


Only one 20/10 needed. I had so much food that needed to be thrown away.