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I cleaneddd. And i finally organized mt easel so maybe i can finally paint the huge canvas ive had for years. And ut is all organized behind the board btw its not hiding a junk pile now lol. Also ignore the random things left on the table. I have nowhere fir them atm. But yay. I might painf tomorrowww.


I unfucked the kitchen table today.  Yay me.  The bags of potatoes will have to sit there for a bit until I unfuck somewhere else to put them.


Look! My desk is no longer a terrifying wasteland! It only took about 20 minutes.


Because most of ya’ll don’t actually see me on a day to day basis, you have no idea how incredibly messy I am. However, today I cleaned my room for a good 6 hours from top to bottom. It smells like Mr. Clean and Pledge, but it’s done! 

Really, though. It was bad. These pictures don’t do it justice. 


So I’m on Easter break from college and it is going by way too fast. For some reason every single time I come home, no matter how long or short my time here is, I feel the need to completely reorganize and clean my room. It’s a problem, especially since I brought half of my dorm home on this trip because I won’t be back again before I move home for the summer. Regardless, I started pulling everything out last night and by the time I realized it was a stupid idea it was too late to turn back. So even though I have a week’s worth of homework to do today and had to tell my grandma that I couldn’t go to the movies with her, I’m finishing what I started.

This is my first documented ufyh, I discovered it back in the winter over my Christmas break and I actually like the idea of it. Here goes nothing, I give you the Before:


Last night I pulled down all of the boxes in that giant pile and a stack of blankets so I could put those clothes on the top shelf of my closet, they’re a combination of out of season clothes and too-small clothes I’m hoping to get back soon (yes, I’m that girl). I also cleaned out a rolling storage box that is under my bed that had more clothes in it, those got hung up and put in my dresser because they’re in season again now that it’s warmer. My computer is usually stored in the bottom of my night stand but I throw it up on my dresser when I play music from it.

First 20/10: No pictures for this one because you can’t tell I did anything. I took down a load of laundry and brought one up that I had thrown in the machine last night. I folded and put away those clothes as well as some that never made it off my floor when I was unpacking yesterday. Then I started to tackle the pile in front of my closet but time ran out and I got distracted by my volleyball.

Second 20/10: Unpacked and put away 3 bags and a tub of random items like school books, magazines, art supplies. I threw out a giant tower o’ boxes that I’ve been holding onto forever, except for a few that I’m determined to keep for whatever reason. Also emptied out a box of extra towels and put those in the rolling box underneath my bed. Most importantly, I finished my coffee.





Third 20/10: I ended this one with 5 minutes to go because I started to get bored. Got a bag full of fragile containers and coffee mugs because I’m addicted emptied out and hung up the scarves I had used as makeshift padding. I folded up and put away all of the plastic grocery bags floating around, I only keep them because I use them to line my little trash can. Then I just started stacking up all of the stuff I didn’t get around to so it’s not in the middle of the floor.





So now all need to do before I go back to school is finish my laundry, do a couple of dishes, and find places for the stuff piled on my bed. Oh, and homework :/ It’s no where near perfect but it’s enough to tide me over until I do it all again when I move out of my dorm.


Kitchen Table Unfucked!


Finally, some before and afters. Most of the time, I take some befores but never afters because I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done. An endless cycle.

But here we are. I live in a small bedrooms-off-a-long-hallway style apartment with no living room. But we have a little nook just big enough to fit a two person table and maybe two people. It’s one of the biggest problem areas of the place, a catch all for shit that later needs to be sorted through. You know the drill.




This is what I started out with. I also don’t have a closet in my room so that’s my closet. Clothes almost make it in there most of the time.

And twenty minutes got me this…




Clothes put away! Floor vacuumed! Table (almost) all cleared! And a candle has been lit! I would normally do the vacuuming last, but I felt like I was picking up too much dust and shuffling it around so it felt necessary. Also, I like to watch The Simpsons while doing pretty much anything, which explains the sudden appearance of my computer.

And after the final 20 minutes, I got this!




Hot damn does this feel good. I brought the table back down to it’s normal two person size and wiped it down. I also laid out the new rug I got today. I didn’t think it’d go there when I originally bought it, but I think I like the placement right now.

Not everything found a home just yet. Those two Trader Joe bags filled with clothes are now behind me in these pictures, out of view. They’re winter clothes that need to go to another place (they are not mine). They will soon be out of this apartment. I refuse to put them back where they were.

The place is also in a bit of transition period. Another person will most likely be joining us this summer (two to a room, no living room, yay), but then two people will be moving out, leaving just my significant other and I. It’s been  a while since it has been just the two of us. And we plan on turning this little nook into a reading nook. Already got my eyes all over this chair. Their bedroom will be turned into a living room.

And one last lil view of the area:

image(Hey there coolest record player ever, I’ll find a perfect place for you soon, I promise)

Next: Clean breakfast dishes and put away clothes that are all over my room.


Some serious unfucking was done this day.

Not having lots of beers while cleaning helped. As did starting thinking I was doing 45/15s but actually did 20/10s. Eventually I got in the groove and just ignored the breaks until it was done to my satisfaction and then stopped.

Now how long will it last? The bathroom is next. Le sigh.


progress shots! finally deep cleaning this mess of a room ヽ(;▽;)ノ


This is a before/after from am earlier unfucking I did to our room. Posting for inspiration. I know even here it wasn’t completely unfucked, but I made tremendous progress.


I unfucked my habitat. In fact, the best motivation is to invite your crush over for the evening. I’ve never cleaned my room so fast. And the best thing about it: After I was done, I realized again, how beautiful my room is. Thank you, UfYH


I have become a generally neat person over the last year, and I owe it, in part, to the blog unfuckyourhabitat. However, I have had a lot going on lately with my family. The personal part of me has been gone for a while as  I have been taking care of my mom and trying to cheer her up and keep her focused on beating this. It’s amazing to go onto unfuckyourhabitat and see the befores and afters! So, here is some me  time spent well!. Thank you, unfuckyourhabitat!


Cleaned kitchen based off UFYH work/break method I mentioned earlier.


In anticipation of the arrival of my hammock and a couple of new chairs, I unfucked my porch. I had this chair that I made as a big/little sis project in college, and the paint was icky and it was not pretty , so I spray painted it silver. I also tossed some broken and rotten wood dining chairs that were out there and swept and moved stuff around. I need to see if my roommates have any attachment to the other two chairs (the purple one and the wood one with the cushion that you can see in the last picture) and if they don’t I’ll take this out as well. I think the square wooden table will go too, but I can’t carry it alone.


We’re having people over today to attend a in-home seminar, and I wanted to be able to use our extra room/office as a meeting space. I haven’t totally unfucked the office, but it’s usable and I damn sure made the job smaller.