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Unfucked my coffee table.


Girlfriend broke up with me last weekend and it hit me pretty hard.  Combine that with the fact that I almost exclusively lived at her place for the last couple months before she ended it, and depression takes over and you can’t even bother with the mess.

Today I said fuck it all and cleaned up.  Put on a few episodes of Rifftrax Shorts and straightened everything up, caught up on the paperwork and bills, and sprayed the apartment in Febreeze (my mom was here this weekend and she smokes like a chimney).

Gotta vacuum the carpet yet but I’ll do that tomorrow during the day so I don’t interrupt anybody (it’s late now)


What a mess this was! I don’t even remember the last time I went through it all. I threw another whole trash bag of stuff away, cleaned up the mess, dusted my dresser (including the pictures and boxes on it) and the fan and put all of my bras (that were on top of my hamper) in one of the drawers. Took me just two 20/10s.


Moving house before and after. I moved all the boxes in to the spare room and unpacked them into the other rooms. I took me about 8 20/10s spread out over a week and a half. It really helped to concentrate the house moving chaos in one room and to have pleasant other rooms to live in whilst I was doing it.


My craft room needed some serious attention, so I decided to unfuck it. It was an assortment of garbage, craft supplies, finished projects, and other items that made it into the room but have a home in my apartment elsewhere (derby stuff like awards, gifts, jerseys, etc). Yay, so happy about my results!


Unfucked my habitat a little bit!


Results of a few 20/10’s yesterday. Shelves will go far toward helping with this…


Result of a few 20/10’s yesterday. Not done yet.


There is no cleaning product in the world i can recommend as highly as bar keeper’s friend, seriously. This is probably about 8 months of coffee, diet Pepsi, tea, crystal light, and various sauce stains along with scratches from pots and pans eliminated in about 2 minutes. I usually just sprinkle it on a wet sink and then wipe it off with a sponge. Also you can put it on your faucets and they’ll g l e a m

BKF is pretty great. Plus, super cheap. (Get the powder, not the cream stuff.)


late-night stress reduction


Honestly, the folks over at unfuckyourhabitat are so inspiring. These are embarrassing, but hopefully they’ll inspire someone else too.

My Bearded Angel just started a new job with overnight shifts, making cleaning difficult because he’s either up and I miss him so I want to spend time with him, or sleeping (which is far more often than the former in my waking hours) and so I can’t clean the kitchen since our bedroom is directly above our kitchen and vacuuming and doing dishes can be noisy. I figured I’ll be out all afternoon and evening so he can catch up on whatever sleep I disturbed this morning then.

Its been a difficult time all around this summer with this new job and people in my family being sick and so its been messy too. Not to mention the state of mid-reno which makes it seem messy even when its not. Can’t wait to get some paint on these walls, and a proper floor that I can actually mop.

I’d love to hear Any advice anyone has to offer about how to deal with conflicting sleep schedules and keeping a house in shape please :)


I was sick in bed for two days straight. The bed was literally FILLED with snotty tissues, it was disgusting. I hadn’t swept in days (which is a huge no-no when you have two cats). Used clothes and towels were on the floor, it was a mess. 

After gathering up all those disgusting tissues, I made my bed. I put all my dirty laundry in the laundry room and hung up my clean clothes properly. I threw out all garbage. Took all dishes upstairs. Cleaned litter box and refilled water dish, rearranged some small pieces of furniture (stool and cat tunnel). I wiped everything down with disinfectant after I cleared all surfaces. Wiped down my computer. Swept the floor. Reorganized my drawer and cupboard in my bedside table. 

I still need to reorganize my book shelf and mop, but I’m still too sick and fatigued to be cleaning for more than 20 minutes. At least I did something today besides sleep and sip tea.


Unfucked my vanity. 💅💄💋


Did some unfucking in the kitchen yesterday. Depression doesn’t really support my efforts of keeping the apartment clean, especially the dishes seem to be an unbearable obstacle these days.. Well, after getting some inspiration from ufyh, I finally did it. I also ended up organizing the closets around the sink, removed all the food that wasn’t alive anymore, and took the trash out. This morning I took all the dishes from the dryers and put them on their places. Feels great. Note: The after-photo still has my rubber gloves drying on the side of the sink, they’re not there anymore either. ;)



i’ve been living in this house in london for one week and half and i’m tempted to set it on fire - since it’s a tad counterproductive i’ve decided to unfuck as much as i can.

first step: the english foregarden - or lack of thereof. 

it has taken me roughly two hours, a pint of spiders and snails and a ton of not so nice swearing, but i’ve accomplished the first unfucking, and it would never have happened without the glorious example of so many before me on unfuckyourhabitat - THANK YOU. 

this being said, stay tuned for the next episode of “de-moulding the washing machine with the magic potion of bleach, vinegar and bicarbonate

DON’T MIX BLEACH AND VINEGAR! Chlorine gas is bad news. (The garden looks great, by the way.)