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Asker adafuckface Asks:
I have a huge exam tomorrow, and I haven't started studying yet, but I have all day today, no other obligations. Buuuut I keep getting distracted by dishes/breakfast/tumblr (cough). Help! It is absolutely imperative that I don't fuck this up.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

I’m just seeing this. You know the answer, and I hope you aren’t reading this right now, because that means you’re on Tumblr and not studying.

Get your ass off the Internet and get to studying. Now.

Probably 3 loads of laundry, read 80 pages on WWI, and draw a copy of a Degas picture for drawing class. Can you help me unfuck this? Your schedules always make it so much easier, because when I look at it as one big list it's too overwhelming to even begin. You are the best!
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Load 1 in the wash, read 20 pages, break. Switch laundry, work on drawing, break. Switch laundry, read 20 pages, break. Repeat until done.

Asker leylairoyale Asks:
As a college student and musician, I constantly have a lot of homework to do. In your opinion, is it better to stay up, finish the homework, and then sleep, or to wake up extra early, do the homework, and then go about my day? I continuously battle with myself every night as to what the best option is.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

It depends. How easily do you wake up and get going? Because it’s really easy to say, “Oh, I’ll just wake up early and do it,” and it’s even easier not to. I know I rest better when I know everything I need to do is done, so I’d probably stay up and finish it.

Asker inkbatts Asks:
A helpful tip for unfucking your semester: using a long piece of paper make a calendar with the next few months all on one sheet. hang it up on a door or something close to your bed so you see it every time you try to wake up or go to sleep. keep it updated to all events and assignments. color coding this will help too.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

For students!

Okay, so I have comprehensive exams in T-minus five months. I essentially have to study/memorize the past four semesters’ worth of stuff to get my master’s degree. I’m simultaneously daunted and petrified of not studying in an orderly manner. So…what do you (your readers) do to get their shit together academic-wise?

Making this rebloggable/answerable so the UfYH students can chime in. I can offer my usual 45/15 for studying advice: take a 15-minute break every hour, then keep going. Students? What else ya got?

Asker foxyhistory Asks:
Alright. So you know how you are always advocating the 20/10 method? When I'm writing papers I work in 45/15 just cause 20 minutes usually isnt long enough for me to fully examine a portion of my essay and 45 minutes tends to work rather well. Well I was working on my historiography for my Revolutionary American class and I had the Pomodoro timer extension in Chrome set and I was so damn focused on my work that when it went off, it scared me something terrible. I jumped. Seeking to entertain. :D
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

45/15s seem to work better for schoolwork in general. And yeah, my timer has scared the crap out of me on more than one occasion.

Fucccckk. I have two math finals tomorrow and I am totally not prepared, but I can't seem to make myself study. 20/10s don't work so well for me, because ten minutes inevitably becomes 30. WHAT DO???
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

45/15s and set a damn timer. You know what you need to do, and you only need to do it until tomorrow. Now close Tumblr, get off the Internet entirely if you don’t need it for studying, and get to it.


doing 20/10s on a paper right now and i am going to FINISH IT TONIGHT! (i hope....) any extra encouragement (or threats) would be appreciated!
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

There is no “I hope.” There is only “I will.” You WILL finish this tonight, and you will NOT lose time by fucking around on Tumblr beyond your designated breaks.

Asker outlawjosie Asks:
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

Dude, if I could have figured out to unfuck the Federalist papers and/or Hayek back in college, I would be a rich woman. Just power through. It’ll be over soon. 10 pages is not so much, in the grand scheme of things. And give yourself a HUGE reward at the end.

I've been doing my homework for an hour, but I still have lots to do. Tell me to go finish it.
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:


Asker jacquemander Asks:
I'm about to start unfucking my computer class. Finals are in less than a week, I've missed the last two weeks of classes, but my amazing teacher just said I can still get an A in the class. What is the best way to tackle the mountains of computer stuff? I've got homework, closed labs (small assignments), open labs (big-ass assignments), and an exam that I missed. I'm not worried for the exam- if I do the assignments, I'll be prepared for the makeup test. I meet with her tomorrow at 12:30. Help?
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

45/15s. Alternate small stuff with big-ass assignments, 45 minutes at a time with 15-minute breaks. You’re going to need to dedicate a fair amount of time to this, but you can do it. Just don’t let yourself get distracted, and stay focused. You can do this.

OK, students, this one’s for you. There’s one assignment you’ve been procrastinating on. (Maybe more than one, but this is the big “I don’t wanna.”) You know it has to be done, but you’d rather do ANYTHING else. As soon as you’re done reading this post, check your watch. Then work on NOTHING BUT that assignment/reading/writing for 20 minutes. Just 20. Then come back and dick around on Tumblr for 10 minutes. Just 10. Repeat three more times. You have to leave after those 10-minute breaks, though, OK?

Check back in at your 20-minute intervals or at the end, at the two hour mark. It’s probably going to suck a little, but it’s only 20 minutes at a time. You got this.

I'm in med school, and I study via dividing my notes into different packets. I take however long it takes to get through a packet, but then I stop, get up from my desk, make a cup of tea and/or a snack, maybe unfuck some part of my house, and then get back to it. Time limits and studying just seem to cut me off when I'm at an important bit- so I just focus on reasonable packets and reasonable balance. P.S- all my laundry is either where it goes or in the wash!
unfuckyourhabitat unfuckyourhabitat Said:

More tips for students! Pay attention!