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My house is generally thrashed all of the time since I started Cosmo school nearly 6 months ago. So, after a REALLY long 2 weeks (and I mean REALLY, my grandfather passed away and I’ve been trapped around my divorced parents…ugh!) I decided to zone out on the bathroom for a few hours. In the process I actually had to drag myself out of the bathroom and away from the bleach fumes like 4 times…oops! I’m pretty proud of myself since I actually reached around the toilet to dark side and cleaned it! It always seems like no matter how often I clean the bathroom it still looks terrible in a few days. I have so much more unfucking to do!

The thing about bathrooms and kitchens and really any room that gets used is that they don’t STAY unfucked. It’s an active process, because when a space is in used, it’s going to get messed up. So what you aim for is to build systems that let you do a very little bit more frequently, and save yourself from having to do the marathon deep clean.


I cleaned my room all day. I got rid of so much stuff I didn’t need and this Saturday I’m having a huge yard sale with my mom. I feel so good after cleaning it. I feel empowered!!


Because look at this shit

Time to get to work. Now.