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I have this really great apartment. It’s got high ceilings and big windows and colored walls and when I walked in the first time, I wrote my landlord a check and said “I want this apartment. I’ll sign a two year lease right now if you drop the price.” And he did, and it’s been great. It’s walking distance to everything and generally adorable and perfect.

BUT. Thanks to two jobs and depression and a new dog and life in general sort of being shitty right now, it has spent the last six months in a perpetual state of oh-my-god-gross. I’ve always been a messy person, but I prided myself on never letting messy turn into disgusting. But that happened, and it stayed that way. I’ve been too embarrassed to have people over and even being home is super stressful and I feel like I can’t do anything creative or enjoyable because the mess is just overwhelming. My stove has been broken for months, but I haven’t asked my landlord to fix it because it was just too icky.

Enter Jenni, my dear friend who should really do this for a living. She sacrificed her Sunday to come over and help me clean everything. Armed with a box of cleaning supplies, she helped me sort through stuff and clean it and help everything either find a place or throw it away. (We took a beer and burger break halfway through)

I woke up this morning in such a better mood. I enjoy my space. It’s really great and lovely and wonderful and now I can start taking on the big projects (under the sink, eeeep).

It’s a really big deal that she came over and helped me. Not because of the actual cleaning, which was, of course, a huge help - but because she saw that I needed help and knew that this was something she could do for me that would make my life better and easier and just did it. Which is amazing. And she also never once judged me for how gross I have become, which she should have, because ew. I’m really thankful and lucky for friends like this.