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Unfucked my house today using the UFYH Weekend Challenges.  I gave it 3 good hours with a few breaks (20/10s don’t seem to work for me - I do the 20 (or 30, or 40) and then take a break and don’t go back again. Slaxxor)  for various little mini chore-things and a conference call or two. 

That said, the house looks great now.  DangerLad helped too, did the vacuuming (my #1 MOST HATED CHORE), unloaded/loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the upstairs bathroom and bathed the dog.  I still have a couple of tasks to complete, but I’m pretty pleased with how the house looks at the moment.  Aaah. 

It’s cold/flu/disgusting germ season, and those little fuckers like to linger. Take a few minutes and wipe down your door handles, sink and tub faucets, toilet flusher knob, and light switches. While you’re at it, switch out your hand towels and dish towels for fresh ones.

Unfuck your bills!

Find, organize, and, if you can, pay your bills. Now is a good time to set up automated payments or online bill pay if you haven’t already. If you’re out of stamps, still get the bills ready to go and put them on top of your purse or bag so that you get a book of stamps the next time you’re out.

This one’s for pet owners. No pets? Do a freestyle 20/10 on whatever needs unfucking.

Pet owners: wash out those slobbery food and water dishes, and wipe down the area where your pets get fed, including any cabinet or wall surfaces that may get accidental splatter mess. Cat people, clean out your litter box. Gather up any toys and pet-related detritus scattered around the house and put them away. Wash your pet’s bedding. It smells. Trust me.

To the bathroom! Time to go through the medicine cabinet, drawers, and any other storage you have in there. Throw out anything expired or gross, wipe down anything icky or sticky, sort, toss, organize and clean. Check to see if you’re running low on anything (especially critical stuff, like toilet paper).

Make your bed!



OK, kids, it’s serious business here at UfYH headquarters this weekend. We’re going to be throwing challenges at you all weekend long.

Here are the rules:

  1. You don’t have to do every challenge, but you need to do some.
  2. If a particular challenge doesn’t apply to you for whatever reason, there’s no need to be a snide brat about it. Just do something else.
  3. When all else fails, do a freestyle 20/10. Twenty minutes unfucking something that needs it, then a ten minute break.
  4. Before and after pictures always get love here.
  5. If you’re working on a specific project (schoolwork, the garage, whatever) instead of general unfucking, use the challenges to remind you to get back on track, or do one or two to break up the project a little.
  6. No excuses, no whining, no being brats. If you aren’t doing or don’t want or need to do something, keep that to yourself. I may be a bitch, but Team UfYH runs on encouragement and doing, not laziness and negative thinking.
  7. Check in!  Let us know what you’ve accomplished.

OK, folks. Go get your coffee and breakfast, drink your water, and get ready. We’re starting soon.

Using this to guide my cleaning today.

Unfortunately, I’m only starting now, and they’re on challenge 10. :( 

Everything is tagged with “weekend challenge” and is numbered, so you can do them in order!

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By this point, almost everything should be done but most of your floors. (If you were following along, you’ll have swept your bathroom and vacuumed the living room.)

Grab the vacuum and a mop and bucket (or, if you’re me, your steam mop WHICH IS THE BEST THING EVER) and go to town on your floors. You should have access to most floors, since you picked up all of your clothes and put everything back where it belongs everywhere else.

Time to double check your flat surfaces. Any table, counter, desk, or bookshelf that you haven’t already dealt with is getting some attention. Clear them off, put or throw stuff away, and clean or dust off the surface.

You’re avoiding something. It might be an invisible corner. It might be a box of crap you need to deal with. It might be your junk drawer. Whatever it is that you’ve been relieved that none of the challenges so far have made you deal with, that’s what you’re dealing with for the next 20 minutes. Don’t lie to yourself. You’re putting something off, but now you have to go deal with it.

To the living/family room! Start by clearing off the coffee and end tables. Straighten the bookshelves. Put away anything that belongs somewhere else. Fold any blankets, fluff the pillows, dust what needs dusting, and run a quick vacuum.

Back to the bedroom. This time, focus on your surfaces: nightstand, dresser, etc. Clear them off, put shit back where it belongs, and give everything a good dusting.

Time to head into the bedroom. This 20 minutes, focus on getting rid of the floordrobe, put your shoes back where they belong, and put away any laundry hanging out in baskets or on surfaces.

Sheets dry yet? If so, make your bed. After that, start another load of laundry. How’s your laundry area? Gross? Use your 20 minutes making it less gross.

20 minutes cleaning the bathroom. Start by filling the tub and sink with hot water and cleaner. Pour some cleaner in the toilet. Wipe down all surfaces, get the gunk off of the bottles in the shower, empty the trash, sweep or Swiffer the floor, wipe down the walls, then drain and wipe the sink and tub, and scrub the toilet.

Any time left over? go through your medicine cabinet or drawers and do some unfucking.

10 minute break when you’re done.